UK skateboarders with US boards

I think it was just a coincidence that they turned him pro with the Soulland one and the company folded soon after so no more series.

Feel like the consensus everywhere online when it happened was that he’s pro? Can’t remember there ever being any word of it as a one off, can’t really recall many companies ever giving somebody fully on the team a one off pro board then keeping them an am? (Excluding guest models)

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Isn’t the Div - Yoghurt, a guest, one off if anything?

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Good point. Will remove.


I feel bad on missing Sam out in previous conversations. Love the way he skates…

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That’s ‘The Olympic Effect’. When the Olympics actually make you forget about the people involved, rather than notice them more. I expect it’s just a British thing.

just echoing PolarJames, but is there a reason Geoff Rowley and Tom Penny aren’t on the list?

technically a uk company innit.
same reason heroin isn’t on there.


Horsey had a board (or several boards) on ‘Send Help’.
Mark Baker I don’t think had a US pro board but possibly had the first UK signature product on a US company with pro trucks by ‘Megatron’.
Jeremy Henderson was a US dude that just lived in the UK for a bit right?


Seems like a massive technicality that. Especially considering Flip moved to the US in 94.

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Ben Liversedge is technically English.

So what was that? Infamous?

Yeah, but also Real and ATM Click.

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Ben Nordberg - Sovrn

Steve O born in the UK , now on his own brand


Own brands don’t count.

I thought he was English. Eli reckons Laguna Beach but he’s going to ask.

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He had some of the better photos in one of the first skate mags I saw - I think it was in this - which was some sort of summer special-

There was some sort of Hobie/ Benjy Boards thing I think. (As well as the David Cassidy, Frampton, David Soul and Wings pull-out giant poster. Although that could just be some weird memory of mine that is mixed up with something else).

I thought he was American then. By the time Shut started going I thought he was English. I don’t know, I’ve been confused ever since. I’ll admit that it’s not the sort of thing that keeps me up at night but it would be nice to have an answer.

He had a photo in most issues around that time. Him and Sablosky, obviously.

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Yep, they were the two I though were cool. I thought Sablosky was American at the time too. He had an American sounding name and both he and Henderson had the rad long tube socks just like the kids on The Red Hand Gang :man_shrugging:

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