UK SOTY 2020 - Nominations

Like Thrasher’s choice this year, we kind of know who will win this but I thought for tradition’s sake we should at least try doing this. Who has been the best skater operating on these shores during the past 12 months?

Please nominate three people and give some reasoning if you want to spark a convo. I’ll put together a poll from your answers in the next few days. I will only count the first 3 names you mention.

  1. Tommy May
  2. Louie Jones
  3. Billy Trick

Have at it you cunts.

I mean surely it’s Knox. Right?



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Knox and Lintell


For the sake of conversation (and disregarding the fact a certain Isle pro is, of course, the rightful winner):

1). Joe Hinson: The lad is pushing UK rail skating to levels previously untouched, bettering himself constantly and doing it all whilst holding down a proper grafter’s job and living in a village in the arse end of nowhere.

2). Jordan Thackeray. Pure wizard. Between Tea & Biscuits and the Hackney Bumps back disaster he’s my personal UKSOTY.

3). Barney Page: That line in Edinburgh was sick as fuck.

Acknowledging the “I will only count the first three names you mention” rule: honourable mention to Olly Roberts. The lad got sponsored by Revive. Whether you’re apathetic or really hate it, it’s still one of the biggest brands on the planet.

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Get the fuck outta here.




Joe Hinson does 5 tricks.

Knox could have legit been SOTY.

Munro, Korahn, D George, DFE, Louie Jones, Kyle Wilson.

Correct answer Dom Henry, fucking genius.


Regarding Joe Hinson no he is not. Tom Watts was Kickflip Crooking handrails 13 years ago.


Dom Henry
Tom Knox

Honestly, some of the shit he’s doing his five tricks on is daft.

Flip front blunt the MK Chrome rail is no joke.

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Chrome rail?

I think with someone like him it would make a massive difference if he was filmed properly. Or at least it being consistent.

That famous one that’s kinda undercover.

Yer that’s the one I’m talking about.
That’s amazing, but with no magazine or regulation anymore no one cares.

You’re right. I mean, he recently did a double kink fifty fifty in MK (legit sick photo) that is proper cover worthy and yet it probably won’t get anywhere other than his insta.

Still, the lad is seriously talented and therefore I felt his name worthy of at least a tip of the cap acknowledgement.

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Obviously very good at skateboarding, but you got Lintell sending a 50 through a well known stinky double kink 10 years ago.

Oh aye, and Lintell is on Real and rightly regarded as one of the best British skater’s of his generation. With that in mind, somebody doing arguably bigger/harder stuff now* should be at least worthy of having their name chucked into a niche online chat about people who’ve killed it this year.

That said, Hinson’s problem is two fold. Firstly he isn’t cool. Which, as we all know, is the biggest obstacle in skating - if you’re not down with the right people you’re pissing against the wind from day one.

Secondly, his footage is always out of date by the time he releases it. His Rugged Kingdom part for
Darkstar in March was sick, thing is he’s two parts further along with his filming. Whatever tricks were in that he’d already one upped them at least twice by the time that came out.

*Edit: Not saying Hinson is better than Lintell - obvs not. Lintell has possibly my fav style other than MJ/Gustav and his trick selection is second to none. Was talking in regards to “double kink ten years ago.”

Relevant trivia: Lintell and Hinson both 50ed the same double kinker. Hinson put the footage out first but Lintell did it first.

Last trick:


Not sure what that means for the discussion.



Might as well nominate Rainbow Swag Lord if you’re going down that route