UK SOTY 2020 - Nominations

Uncharacteristically judgemental/snobby for you numbers man. Especially since you know blondroid.

You’re joking though I know

It’s Tom Knox on all levels.


Correct me if I am wrong, but have these guys (and Lintell as someone mentioned) put anything out out 2020? Theres one tour clip each and Munro in a Primitive ad, no?

Love all those guys but 2020 nominations has to be on 2020, right?

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Saw Casper Brooker at Southbank yesterday just ripping that place up and reminded me of his part a month ago that was amazing so he’s getting my UK soty nomination

It’s actually a really tough year, for obvious reasons.

This is weird. Why work on 3 average parts at once? It seems so self-defeating.
I hate that people think they need to bang out regular video parts which they are over before they are released rather than work on something which is reflective of how they skate which they can be proud of for years to come.

Also, forgetting cool guy factor here - if you took away whatever interpretation you have of that - the actual filming and edit were awful. It made him look worse as a skater than he is.
The conversation on release of the part seemed to revolve around the fact he builds out wooden runways for every spot and the filmer highlights this rather than tricks which must suck for the skater.

Serious question here…who from the UK was content heavy this year?

Only Knox?

I guess Vague had lockdown edits and Munro was in those as well as the Indy Paris thing and Primitive ad.
Dom Henry went all year without a part, right?

Belvedere, Hinson, DeCunha, DFE all had parts. I feel like that is all you saw of them this year - one part.
Blondey, too. He had one short part.
Louie Jones put out a bunch of heavy insta clips/edits. No part or interview or anything else though.

Helena turned pro and had footage in the Vans global video.

I need to update myself here. I gotta be missing someone from the Nike camp or something.

right now my top 3 are:

  1. Knox
  2. Helena
  3. Munro

Number 3 will change I reckon…once I have another tea and think about it.

He had a part a month ago?

I’m losing it.

Haha yeah more a joke towards Winstan than Ollie. Although if we’re going there, I think you have to have a sufficient level of ego to film thousands of hours of selfie clips where you film yourself as a character and talk to the camera for hours a day

Plus, if we can’t take the mick out of skatepark YouTube selfie bloggers were getting into dangerous territory :joy:


Whilst that is undeniable, any deliberate act whereby you set out to document yourself doing skate tricks in any format for an audience wider than yourself is equally driven by ego.

“I’m doing it to rep my scene/sponsors” is just obfuscation of the fact that all self documentation is ultimately wanking yourself off for ego thrills.

9am - off school - let’s go :joy:



Compared to him nobody did anything SOTY worthy.

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but, if you were pushed to nominate three…who you got?

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A quick count gives Knox 5 releases this year:

Atlantic Drift
NB shoe release
Thrasher Out there
Dickies doc thing
NB tour vid


I need to restructure my post. It wasn’t meant to read like Knox was included on the one part list.


Oh yeah forgot it was 3.

  1. Knox for obvious reasons.
  2. Lintell for continuously crushing it and never slowing down. Still shocks me every time we skate together.
  3. Helena for going pro and having a strong amount of content this year and inspiring guys and girls across the country. Looking forward to seeing what she’s been working on with Sirus.

Although Tommy is about to drop another part with The National today. That may shake up the top 3 :grimacing:

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2020 has been such a clusterfuck that I’m struggling to remember much about who did what.

Knox obviously.

Helena has had a cover, a pro board and a fair bit of coverage.

Casper has that Milan thing that was basically a part.

DFE part but he’s too new/only dropped that.

Has Kyle Wilson had a section or significant footage this year?

Charlie Birch - cover/interview in Free - was there a part too?

Tommy May rotten Notts ‘spot’ part was really good.

Any tranny skaters? Thackeray or Hallford maybe?


Oh shit yeah. That amazing mini ramp part.

Knox - lock thread.

Easy Chyna

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