who did rowley murder?

Animals. Like anyone that’s not veggie/vegan eat daily.

can you call somene out for that if you eat meat? (pretty sure hugo does)

Depends on their table manners.

Lennie Kirk.

That didn’t last long.

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Because he was always going to have a normal account…

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Not so much Unfollow as Follow, I was thinking about the Nine Club and skating in the Olympics. The Games are going to present skateboarding for the first time and as a result this will trigger interest and more people actively skating. As a reference point of what’s happening and who’s who the Nine Club could benefit from a significant boost in subscribers.

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Not sure those followers will stay when referencing a whole a bunch of stuff they don’t understand with pros that aren’t competing in the Olympics.

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Aye, but they could start getting those Olympic skateboarders through their doors soon. It’s a safe space for that type of skater to be interviewed. All skating’s brilliant and everyone is wonderful.

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All of them.

Came off of Instagram last year and haven’t missed it at all.

For no reason other than i spent too much time looking at it!!

I’ve began to unfollow people so my feed is things I actually want to see. So using Instagram is a little more enjoyable rather then just scrolling through crap


Really? I guess I need to unfollow you then!

:0) removed the instagram and facebook app from my phone. So really just myspace and friendsreunited left now.


I wonder if our MySpace accounts are still out there somewhere in interweb space floating around and around for eternity?

Ah man. All that custom html to get my page just right and my top 6…gone. :frowning_face:


More like, someone didn’t want to pay the exorbitant amounts it would cost to host all that dead content.

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I logged into my one from 2006 and oh man, I am kinda glad it’s lost a lot of the stuff from my profile.

I’m gutted it lost a lot of details on a tribute page to someone, though. Seems like everywhere I turn on the internet is lost to the ether…

I bet Tom is gutted he has no friends now

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I bet that with the $580 million he got when he sold MySpace he’s got lots of friends…

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