Useless skate facts

Not sure how long lived this thread will be but off of the back of BDF’s awesome “rewind” trick name fact-ology i wanna know more dumb shit

i great up skateboarding in a bubble. the only exposure to skateboarding outside of that bubble was sidewalk surfer and i was far too stoned to remember anything

so please -

useless skate facts here! trick names, weird bits of history, anything useless and skatey (please keep fantastic Penny stories to the Penny thread though)

Why is everything imperial except for truck widths and wheel size?


whenever these conversations come up, the final conclusion is almost inevitably somehow that it’s America’s fault. apparently one of the few things they measure in metric is bullets. go figure


Bruce the Ox started skating in his 20s(?) on his own in a field, built a miniramp and thought he invented the rock fakie


Herrick wrote a sponsor me letter to Mambo in the 80’s listing the tricks he could do and they sponsored him of the back of it!


rofl that’s brilliant. you really are full of useless skate facts. i wonder if i wrote a similar letter to eS i’d get some free shoes

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Greg Lutzka used to wipe his arse by wrapping toilet roll around his entire hand


Greg Lutzka strikes me as a bidet kind of dude. Dunno why.

I believe he was on krooked until either van or Bobby went to his house and his room was covered in pics of himself ripped out of the mags.


I dont doubt that at all

Thats just wasteful.

Surely deck widths are a mixture of both imperial and metric measurements. Otherwise wouldn’t the second half of the width be in 16ths of an inch not .375/ .875 etc?

I think, but could be remembering this incorrectly , that way back when, (mid 80’s?), trucks were measured in inches. I don’t know when, (or why) it changed. I know this doesn’t really count, but Krux currently measure their trucks in inches.

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Edit - wow I just wrote something stupid

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Bit quick to judge there, maybe he backhanded it as well

Apparently he thought that’s what everyone did and it wasn’t until he was on tour that, (I forgot who did it), he was called out on it.

Holy shit that’s just brought up a long dormant memory. I think the first issue of sidewalk I ever read had that interview where he says that.

Bonelesses were originally called Boneless Ones, named after a puppet the inventor’s friend had.


I always wondered where that came from

Gary Scott Davies Im guessing

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Turns out I was slightly wrong, it was a puppet not a doll, and it was owned by his friend.

But yeah, Gary Davies.


More like the town mini ramp when he was doing a semester in France in university. Worked out how to pump and thought the universe would implode in on itself if you dropped in. Or something like that.

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