Very rare trucks (Kreper trucks) stopped processing in the early 2000's

I’m not sure what is or isn’t allowed on here, so I apologize if I’m not allowed to advertise a sale here.

I have what could possibly be the very last brand new set of Kreper trucks and I’m selling them here if you’re interested: Electronics, Cars, Fashion, Collectibles & More | eBay

I don’t think there are the kind of moshers in here to bite on those mate, try some facebook groups.

Haha, that’s fair enough man. I am far from a mosher though and I always thought they were pretty sweet :slight_smile: I’m not that bothered about the publicity if I’m honest, just thought I would post it somewhere at least.


Are you watching them by any chance? Literally just sent out an offer for 35 pounds to whoever just watched them :wink:

Have to say, I’d pretty much doubt that you’re the only one with a fresh set.
300 squids? … woooo, good luck.


That’s the buy it now price, they are on auction starting at 100 pounds.

Honestly, the only reason I have the buy it now price at 300 is purely because when I did some research to see how much other people were selling them for I found some shredded ones still going for almost 200, insane. I figured I’d try my luck.

We couldn’t shift them in the shop I worked at in the late 90s/early 2000. If we did sell them they were the all black ones as part of a complete with blind reaper decks and black wheels to 10 year olds.

Those ten year-old kids are now 30 year-old posers with disposable income.


They’ll probably try and put them on thier longboard too.
I bet someone has a dusty old box full of them in thier shop somewhere

I’m not a poser…

Bloody L. When I started skating in '06 a kid had a set of these that were supposedly glow in the dark. I thought they looked horrendous, but very equipped for the ‘mall grab’ carry style that is very fashionable.

Good luck with the sale, hopefully someone who is all glassy eyed with nostalgia will spend top dollar for these and you’ll get the largs in later on, today now.

Exactly, I am just about to setup my very first Christmas complete from 1992. Will post pics when I have ha.

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Wanted to do that myself but it’s really difficult to find an Icon Craig Smedley deck and wheels


Dont meddle with the smeddle


Ha. I had so many Icon boards but never a Smedley, they were too skinny. I bet I have one or two in the loft.

Used to buy a few at a time.
Bought 5 for 30 quid off him a couple of times.
Good boards.

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Oooft, he saw you coming.


Good boards. Skated really well. Right shape and size for my liking.

Meh, fair enough. I once had a Deftones board, around 2002 maybe. It was a competition prize in my work, so I won it. Sanding the graphic off didn’t work, and I didn’t have enough stickers to cover it so I painted it with emulsion and it still snapped the first day out. Looked like a real board in every way, apart from the stupid graphic, but I guess it wasn’t.

Icon boards were fine and I would think better than a Deftones gimmick board.
Graphics at that price weren’t going to be an issue, besides, there were and have been worse.