Very Shit Skateboard NFT's

I’m not sure if any of you have seen this total pile. Would be good to get your eyes on it. It’s a whole NFT idea based around skate pics. Very basic and VERY SHIT!!

Guess the skate pic they have ripped for the boneless image?

Benny from Birmingham put me onto them. Looks like some (retro) big names have signed up. Elissa Steamer, Danny Way, Hosoi, Tommy G, Kereem Cambell (his boneless down Hubba Hideout is the best!) Damon Way is part of the team but it all looks so shit!! Can’t work out how good people are involved but it’s so terribly executed. Anyone know more about the team?

They have also used the “Skate Society” as part of their whole shtick which is a bit worrying. My immediate feeling is it’s sooooo shit it’s going to fail but for obvious reasons I’m not stoked. Would love to get your thoughts. Px

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I think we’re supposed to just say that it’s cool these skaters are getting paid. That seems to be the party line these days.

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Dunno what this project does for future earnings if its so badly executed. It’s like the turbo two of NFT’s haha

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Posted this yesterday, but more here:

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Mike Mo on The Nine Club Experience this week is going on about his nft project - ABD NFT. He plans on launching it in January. I don’t get it really, which is probably a generational/ common sense thing.

He’s doing NFTs of ‘famous’ skate clips and they come with accompanying bits of tat related to the clip. For example, his exploding stairs Fully Flared opener comes with a piece of the tee he was wearing at the time :man_shrugging:

He’s going to be doing ‘collections’, the first being all Fully Flared related. Then what, I don’t know (or care particularly). There was talk of an LA Courthouse third collection. Meh. Like I said, I don’t get it.

Also see, ‘you’re no longer allowed to criticise anything within skating anymore’, this rhetoric usually comes from skaters trying to do deals that only benefits themselves with outside companies.


These morons will be so embarrassed about this when there’s a recession.





I’d be interested in the actual figures. Easy enough to put these ‘things’ up for sale, but are they selling? The NFT SubReddit isn’t exactly thriving, and the one post I can find about skateboard NFTs is from two months ago and hasn’t even been looked at.

I’d love to hear the sales pitch that convinced these skaters to sign up.

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Probably just “These are going to be HUGE and we’ll give you half the money. You don’t need to do anything”.

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They don’t get a chance to sell, with the cat burglar, art thief extraordinaire Gifted Hater stealing them all in the night!


I wonder how often the Tony Hawk Pro Skater game was referenced?

I bet there’s more demand for this shit out there than we realise. Reddit probably isn’t where this is happening. It’ll be like when you find some skater on TikTok that has 20 million followers for doing shove-its in massive shoes.

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What is a NFT?

Repackaging something for more money for muppets to buy

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I was wondering the same, but a quick Googs tells me…

“NFTs are tokens that we can use to represent ownership of unique items. They let us tokenise things like art, collectibles, even real estate. They can only have one official owner at a time and they’re secured by the Ethereum blockchain”

I’ve now got to look up wtf a ‘Etherium blockchain’ is.

Nollie front tail

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NFTs seem really shit and odd to me.
Saw some privileged photographer on Twitter, bigging them up. Comparing them to using instagram at the start?

not sure I get the comparison.
Plus who is really buying this shit?

The kind of people who believe what privileged photographers tell them on social media, probably.