VHS Show

VHS Show starts this Sunday. A British based podcast/youtube show. That will be talking all things British skating now and it’s history, plus what is going on with the rest of skateboarding world no doubt. Seems like it’s just chatting about anything and everything, than based solely on the guests life story, who is Ben Grove this week. Looking forward to it.

No idea who the host is but seems like a fucking kook, we need a proper UK skate podcast



Hang on… Nathan… Nathan… That name is ringing a bell.

I’m sure this guy did something actually very funny years ago. Like a super DIY mockumentary… Arrgh. I just can’t quite remember what it was or if it was this guy.

I think it’s this guy who did that thing. Maybe it’s not.

Something like ‘I’m Nathan’ or something. I remember it was definitely funny though.

Anyone know what I’m talking about?

yes it was Les, he was on a Partridge tip def. Didn’t quite pull off but wasn’t the worst thing in the world.

No idea but seems like he sucks going off his IG and those snippets of the show

Just feels like having somebody like that front a skate podcast is going to instantly put off a load of the more legit/ lesser heard from UK skate figures from appearing on it.

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Who would be best? We need someone who can smile and string a few sentences together…

Oh Andy Roy is already taken.:frowning:

Always good for a laugh this

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Anon. obviously


Wouldn’t even have to be anyone well known, look at The Bunt.

Just not some try hard Instagram comedian who’s doing it to make a name for himself first and foremost

Give it a go - it hasn’t come out yet. Rob and the other boys down at The House in Sheffield have put a shit-ton of work into it. It’s not just Nathan’s project (and he’s not the sole host).

They’ve got some good guests already in the can (do people still say that?) and more lined up. They’ve captured some decent footy of their guests skating the park for each episode too.

Grove was doing some mad shit earlier this week.

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He MC’S the House comps and more (where the show is based). I doubt they’d just let any fool do that and use the space. You make it sound like we all had a vote and he won to present it. He has done it off his own back with others. There is nothing stopping anyone else doing one.

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Tbf I hated the Bunt guys when they first started but grew to like them so maybe it’ll be the same situation here


Nathan had me in stitches at the House comp a couple of years back.

And what Voodoo said… Anyone could’ve and still could have a go at doing something like this. Much respect for working hard and doing something fun and entertaining that gives back to Skateboarding (I imagine for no financial reward either). Really look forward to listening on Sunday

Andy Roy…my New Years Resolution is to stop following him on Insta but for some reason i cant…i think its his replacement teeth shining like beacons of bam

Nathan isn’t some try hard comedian. Been doing so much funny shit with the House over the years.

He skates, was shredding when I lived in Sheffield 2007-10.

Looking forward to checking this out - especially with Snoop as the “straight man” :slightly_smiling_face:

Who else have they done an episode with? I think Sid Hallford was their a couple of days ago?

Nathan is funny and a great person.

I’ll not hear a hear thing said about Nathan, he rules.

Lol @ the watermark on the audio. That file would have probably cost about a quid!