'Video * Days'

Found via Slap, some dude has started cataloguing hi-res versions of classic videos. Includes the soundtracks and running orders too. It’s like a skate video streaming service meshed with skatevideosite.



This might get me banned from the forum but I’ve never actually seen video days.


I want to delete this so I don’t have to look at it but people need to know the truth.

I think I tried to download it on limewire years ago but never got passed the first 5 seconds.

Jesus. 23 minutes long. I haven’t got time for that.

Give us your review.

The best bits are the Gonz and Jason Lee.

I actually like Jordan Richter too. Don’t skip that bit.

Gonz does the best FS Invert of all time.

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It’s like when a girlfriend told me she’d never seen star wars, I nearly choked



Never seen any star wars films either


ban incoming


There are only three, you could watch them in an afternoon.

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Not with this baby of mine. He’s a sort of non sleeping torture machine atm.


I’ve not seen The Godfather or Lord of The Rings and the only Marvel Universe films i’ve seen are Iron Man and the Hulk.

I’ve never seen Star Wars, Harry Potter, LOTR any James Bond film, OR Video Days. Beat that



I have not seen Godfather, that’s as controversial as I get, maybe not seeing extremely sorry?

I absolutely love this @wayout

(minus the Video Days bit)

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If extremely sorry is the one with the claymation I wish I was you.


Ha that’s the best reaction I’ve got to sharing that info. regarding VD I’ve probably seen most / all the parts at some point but I wouldn’t know. Never watched it all the way through. I was the same as Les, downloaded it off Kazaa with my mates because we’d read somewhere it was the best video ever but at the time we were just like ‘wtf this looks terrible’ and turned it off

I watched Powell Propaganda last week and loved every second, just like when I started.

I remember when What If coming out on DVD and it had video days as an Easter egg. Was so stoked as my VHS copy I got off a mate was shit. back when you could get I think long play was it? and record like 4 videos on a blank VHS

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