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Honestly don’t have a clue what to post here, the only game I play is Solitaire.

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I don’t know much about video games. I don’t have a TV (small apartment) so i usually just play smaller games that will run on a laptop. But I really want to play racing games in VR.

Is it worth buying a PS4 just for the VR?

What are non-VR games like when you play on a headset?

Can you also watch Netflix on VR?

Edit - here’s why I want it:

I’m going to be honest it’s an acquired taste. I got a psvr for Christmas, played it for about 3-4 weeks, then never touched it again. Those first few hours playing it are mind blowing but your brain gets used to eat really fast and the novelty wears off. And how much would a ps4 & VR be? 600-700 quid? You could get a lot of nice stuff for that.
Yeah you can watch Netflix etc On it but the quality isn’t amazing.
One other thing is motion sickness. Most people suffer it when playing to some extent(although for me it wore off after a few days).
Don’t let me put you off though if you’ve got your heart set on it. Resident Evil is probably the most scared I’ve ever been playing a video game and Astrobot is a perfect platformer.

I’m not much of a gamer at all. However when I was stuck at home after my surgery a few years ago a friend bought me “The Last Of Us”.
Got really hooked on it and can’t wait for the sequel to drop.

I fucks with games, well, just PUBG at the moment, more realistic and not like your on acid like fortnite.

Cod version was cool, it’s fast so if you snuff it you can pretty much jump in to a game ASAP, still feel a little arcade for what I like but these free battle royal games are taking over, next Fifa will be free but you will have to spend bucks to have a dope team… you watch

Anyone playing Battlefield 5 Xbox One?

Has anyone played the Skater XL Early Access on PC? I’m almost 100 hours in, it’s legit sooo good.

I’ve heard it’s good, what’s the deal with general release?

There’s only so much info out there at the moment, but from what I can gather they’re hoping for a late 2019 release. It’ll have around 8 real world spots, the 1 currently available is the LA Courthouse. Not sure about console release, but I can imagine it’ll eventually make it’s way to Xbox/PS4.

For what it is, it’s great already. It’s ridiculously satisfying to do tricks and as it’s physics based there are pretty much unlimited variations of each trick in terms of style and how they look, how the legs and feet are tweaked during the flick/holding the catch.

Also the modding community is getting pretty big. The game has only been out since mid-November but the Discord has about 25K members now. Modding is a big part of why it’s so good, as custom maps are possible so already the replay value is infinite.

I need a PC, or figure how to make shit happen on mac

Hopefully, it can keep updating itself, I’m sure it will, it’s the only way to make games now

Anyone played/playing RDR2? I’ve been playing it pretty solidly for the last 6 weeks or more and it’s just so unendingly massive, but also easy to just pick up and put down for an hour here and there. The worldbuilding is stunning.

yep - completed the story on ps4. all time classic. less so online though

Have absolutely no intention in touching the online section of the game at all; doesn’t interest me, so I can live with that! I’m also playing on PS4.

Just saw this on reddit:

some of the crowbar stuff was very Half-lifey…

anyway, comments led me to this:

fun wee distraction - ‘time moves only when you do’

mibbe all old news to youse

Does anyone on here play apex or battlegrounds?

Superhot VR is amazing. Getting a PSVR a bit back has properly rejuvenated my interest in games. First time in years I’ve had that feeling I had as a kid going to the arcades to see a new machine, or the first time I got to play Doom. Playing Wipeout in VR just feels like how it was always meant to be.

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Must admit I didn’t get overly excited about psvr. Admittedly that first hour or so is amazing but the novelty defo wore off. I got one at Christmas, rinsed astrobot which was great (if a little short). Got stuck into resident evil which was the scariest gaming experience I’ve ever had but halfway through I found the VR a bit frustrating. It now sits in a box under the PlayStation unused. It’s also frustrating that controllers for it are hard to come by.
Must admit I’m showing a bit of interest for Everybody’s Golf lol. Might jump on that if the reviews are positive.

Nike/Jordan have done a collaboration with Fortnite for the release of the upcoming La to Chicago SB. :thinking:

There’s a demo up for Everybody’s Golf. Just a driving range but you can get the idea.

As I said Wipeout is amazing as is Ace Combat although the VR part is just a few missions.

This is a day one for me, though:

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Looks exhausting!!