Video Games

I loved the London Heist demo but it was of course too short, being a demo and that.
I got PSVR and a PS4 with wheel, pedals etc specifically with driving games in mind.
There was Drive Club, which I did enjoy but the driving experience was a bit too arcade style.
Then there was Dirt Rally with a VR add-on which was brilliant, but you couldn’t really race other people much.
It had a small rally comp but it wasn’t much.
Gran Turismo came out and I didn’t buy it because it too, out of the whole game, had a very limited VR experience.
Eventually I could see that what I really wanted VR for was never going to happen fully on that platform.
Cancellation of Project Cars 2 with VR was another sign.
Other VR experiences I had with PS4 were pretty fun but the amount of space I had take up waiting for something it was never going to accomplish lead to me getting rid of it all.

There was a free download that had loads of mini games with other gamers, things like paintball and some laser game that you play as co-op with other people, they were pretty funny at times, depending who was in your session.

I’m so annoyed this is being called a remake.

“Scorpion sentinel”
The entire first game is set in Midgar. What???

How the fuck are they going to stretch a 3-4 hour section of the game to 50?

It now makes sense that every trailer we’ve seen has only been on the first 20 minutes of the game. It’s the only bit they’ve made in 6 fucking years.

I wonder if they couldnt figure out how to make the world map in HD graphics and are just totally stuck in how to proceed.

I’m going to be drawing my pension by the time we even get to the Junon section and meet Sephiroth for real for the first time. Even that is for microseconds.

How are they going to remake the weirder sections of the game like the honeybee Inn and the Don Corneo cross dressing bit? Aps was in the trailer so I assume that stuff is still there.

I also think it looks absolutely horrible and I think the combat system looks like as much of a stinking mess as XV.

It’s not a remake. It’s some beige shit with the FFVII name slapped on the front.

I’m going to buy it obviously but it just isn’t a remake. It’s some new game that may or may not be OK.


Well I think it looks absolutely incredible and can’t wait, but I really hope it’s nothing like XV…

I’m still not sold on this but I’m getting there…

A problem in the original game is I never really bothered with summons (apart from you know what) because they took ages and usually hit for a bit more than a regular attack.

I got to admit ifrit strutting round here looks fucking amazing.

The battle system still looks like a total mess to me though. Just random chaos whilst you nominally mash things.

Another evening well spent…


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Ugh, I don’t think I could handle having to listen to that voice acting.

I got that goose game last night. Played it for an hour.

It’s alright.

That’s it. That’s the review.

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I thought it was good. Not action packed, but quite funny.
A nice game that my Son (11) and I could both play that isn’t Fortnite.

Apart from the last check list item I got though it quite quickly.

I like how horrid you are to that poor boy with glasses. I almost felt bad.


Got myself a new game, Call Of Juarez: Gunslinger, the other night.

An on rails first person cowboy game.
It looks good…

…but, as with all shooters, I see this screen the most.

I… I… What?

I think this is real

Hawk missed the chance for an off shoot of THPS here

I noticed Session had some updates. Still struggling to really get the controls compared to SkaterXL.

Not really up to date with newer games, but I’m tamping that the new Last of Us is obviously going to be on PS4. I’m not really a console gamer anymore and I’m on PC. Pretty happy to see when I went on Steam the other day that I re-bought Postal 2.

Wait, what is this eh?

Fairly sure I’ll have to get this as it’s coming to the Switch in 2020.

Every five years or so I upgrade or replace my PC. I just did it a few months back and also got the Windows Game Pass thing, so I’m currrently spoiled for stuff to play. I also bought myself an Oculus Rift for Christmas. It’s absolutely fucking nuts.

Does the normal switch and the switch lite take the same cartridges?


I’m about due a new one.
Desktop this time is my plan.