Video Games

I completed a run on about 5 of the decks but stuck on the blue one. Biggest hand so far was 1.5m

Can with someone THPS 1&2 on the PS4 see if this is actually true? This is the speedrun mode for School II.

How can I possibly be in the top 200 in the world at this level? There’s got to be a million billion people a million billion times better than me at this game. This can’t be right??

Rollercoaster Tycoon is 25 years old.

Top 5 game ever for me.


This top gun thing on MS Flugjt simulator is so fun.

Anyone else got Xbox or PC and has played it? I’ve aced all the challenges and am trying to climb the leaderboards on the low altitude missions

Spent a lot of time on that BITD!

I bought Balatro.

I am addicted already after a few hours of play.


I quit after completing every deck and got a score with 15 zero’s the number wouldn’t fit in the screen

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