Video help/suggestions for an exhibition

Just putting this out there. I don’t want it to solely be my interpretation, and I’ve probably forgotten some good examples…

We’ve got a pretty rad exhibition coming up at the local art gallery (ties in with all the other stuff going on right now to raise funds/awareness for the new park we’re working on). Anyways, I’ve been speaking to the Cornwall Film Festival people and they’re all up for screening a bunch of stuff. Possibly open air cinema, but definitely big screen something.
I’m pushing to show Macho Taildrop and AWS Mindfield (just because I want to see them on big screen), and we’re running Jim Craven’s Land/Island/Hringur with Grey in the exhibit, but they want to do something to do with Tribes (which is one of the Film Festival’s long running themes). They want to show Skate Kitchen too (which I’ve not seen), but we got talking about the different tribes within skating, like the East Coast vibe, Cali schoolyard or Zero type deal skating rails etc, Blueprint for the UK style of skating older architecture as well as modern etc etc.
They wanted something to best show bowl riders and also ramp (I’m thinking of that Junkyard Jam or whatever it’s called that Naverette organises), something tech like a Primitive section, and then I’m drawing a blank!
Just trying to think of some good sections or videos that really showcase a certain type of skating, to try and explain to an outside how skateboarding is not just one thing.

Does that make sense? Let me know what you think. Really need suggestions more than anything. They’re happy for me to rip YouTube clips etc, or I have a lot of old VHS and DVD too, if it’s not on there.

Dunno if this is what you’re after but for a ramp section I’d go with that crazy Bob burnquist mega ramp part or maybe Danny ways part from the DC Video.

For tech if go with shane o’neills last mega part or Nigel Houstons last mega part. Can’t remember what it was called. Something like lol of omfg or something like that.

Who’s the guy on fancy lad that has all the weird modified boards and does absolutely insane circus shit? He had a section out the other day that did the rounds.

That’s covering 3 bits of the spectrum for sure.

Just show them any Andy Anderson section. Covers all bases.

Good suggestions so far.

Anything primitive ought to cover tech.

Maybe Sandoval from that latest Vans for bowl? Or Pedro B?

Always a place for this too as it covers skating/art/creative thinking etc and is closer to an art film than a skate video in a lot of ways…and it’s pretty short.

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The Navarette thing - you mean this right?

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Cheers Les. Hadn’t thought of the mega ramp stuff. DC vid for sure.
And the Fancy Lad guy too. Perfect. Really want to show how different it cal all be. I’m drawing the line at Todd Falcon though.

Pedro B is perfect for the bowl section. And the Golden Egg will show how that and the Fancy Lad stuff isn’t just a one off thing.

Anyone ideas for contemporary East Coast stuff? 917 video?

Everything goes past so quickly now that I forget the good, contemporary examples!!

Supreme ‘Blessed’ - 2018?

Cover Version for up to date independent U.K street skating, dealing with the public, ect.

Cover Version, for sure. That’s the UK video covered.

Can anyone point out anything quintessentially French (maybe Jollie Routine) or Spanish or Italian? I’m drawing a blank on those. I guess Cliche - Europa is a good one for that.

I love Blessed, but I’m not sure what the niche that covers is. Would be so good to see that on the big screen too.

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Gotta throw this is too.

I get to mention Cheese and Crackers again.
That’s fun, inventive and fun to watch.
None skaters might even appreciate the fun of it.
Richie Jackson and Dan Cates Death stuff for kind of tribal, same team anyway, inventive and different from the usually rigid skateboard format. Again, might interest the less skate savvy.
Hell, even Woodstock.

Add Jason Park and Killian Martin to your Todd Falcon red line.

Yes! Cheese And Crackers is a good one!

Going for the April video for the tech skating. Primitive - Never isn’t shot so much in California, so doesn’t work so well.

Gotta give a shout out the GX crew too! Need to see which vid is more SF than anything. Maybe the one where they skate the car.

Tribal - Tiltmode Army?

For French style can I suggest the JB/Puig joint section from Clé? That stunning opening tracking shot from the dudes walking with the guitars and back to them after the front smith on the bench is worth discussing on its own.

Something by Magenta might also work?

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Are you aiming at skaters or non-skaters who “get” it, or non-skaters who might need to be won over?
The travel documentary stuff seems to have petered off lately, I’ve always been a fan of any of Patrik Wallner’s stuff, like Meet the Stans. Lost in Ordos is ok too. Not by him, but same deal.

Some more concept-driven stuff which isn’t necessarily about tricks, like what ended up in TWS Skate and Create video contests years back might be of use. Intro to Fully Flared and Yeah Right would be up there too, along with the invisible boards section or the magic board section from Yeah Right, Rick Howard skating through the forest in Mouse, etc.

And documentaries, there’s loads. Look at Format Perspective, Death Bowl to Downtown, Qui Sera Le Maitre? and a few more along those lines.

Jims Ramp Jam would be better.

Any Dime competition recap

Tribes = Thrashin

On a tribal/fresh v hesh theme (and also short plus something a bit different):

Pursists will whinge, but this sort of thing would be pretty impactful and impressive on a big screen imo.

Let’s be honest, fuck purists; it’s not the same sport as such but it’s rad as fuck nonetheless.