Anyway, my fault holds hands up Ignore me! ha

I think the confusion is that @Norrin_Radd replied to something I’d said to Warwick thinking I was addressing him when I wasn’t.

Then Flambé replied to that as Norrin first post confused folk as we all assumed Norrin was Warwick’s new user name.

Anyway - simple version…no one was calling Norrin anything. All conversation was directed to Warwick.

Let’s get back to equipment please.


I am.

You were, but this is just a fucking echo chamber. Your ‘community’ is bullshit.

I wasn’t talking to you at all.

End of.

Back on topic now.

Nobody is forcing you to check this place out. Like anywhere, if you bring a bad attitude, expect to be dissed.


Moved replies here to stop the equipment thread getting completely ruined. We’ve received complaints.

Also I think norrin’s earned himself a suspension as well.

Will lock this thread as I am seriously tired of this shit.