Weddle grab

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Already Been Discussed.


Late to the party. Sorry peeps

I think it’s thread worthy. A gay twist was mentioned as another dodgy one. Any others?

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If this name was used in the original game it would 100% be only known as the weddle grab now. I’m not sure if it will take now but I hope it does.

What about pushing mongo? No idea where it comes from but always assumed it was something to do with mong.

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Chink chink


This is the sound it makes.


I thought this was cool. I’d known for a long time the skater who invented the “mute air” was deaf, not mute, so it does seem a bit more fitting.

Grosso’s input has popularised the name “Monty grind” in place of backside Smith grind*, but I’m also not sure “Weddle air” will cacth on to replace “mute air”.

Although, if it’s referred to as a “Weddle grab” in the new Tony Hawk videogame maybe it will. Think how many people call a one-foot ollie an “Ollie North” after seeing that in the THPS games! :roll_eyes:

*For reference, Mike Smith first invented the “Smith stop” - a frontside, static Smith stall. Alan Losi then took it to a travelling grind (which creates some confusion as some people retrospectively call it a Losi grind, but that’s already the name for another trick he invented, which is like a BS disaster/liplslide with the front truck kind of feebled). Then Monty Nolder developed the backside Smith grind, hence “Monty grind”.

I’ve seen gay twist and les twist referred to as “G twist” and “L twist”, and more recently fakie 360 mute, but Tony himself referred to them as Cab Weddle and Cab melon in an instagram comment.

I know melon is more quick off the tongue than “backside grab”, but I still really think of it as short for melonchollie and the dart-boy - “sad” shape.

Chink-chink is no problem - it’s just the sound it makes. I think that was a Ray Underhill trick, possibly?

Yep, came from mong / mongoloid, which is a derogatry term for someone with down’s syndrome. Surprised this hasn’t been addressed in skating really.

And tranny is short for transition, doesn’t mean we should just continue using those words necessarily.


Maybe we can’t say ‘fat’ anymore.

“Homie just popped a bitchin’ body-positive ollie!”


I think that had already been cancelled. Definitely th ph version anyway.

Wow, gender shame much.

Homie is also insensitive to the homeless.


Oh yeah, whoops.

In reference to a highly popped trick wouldn’t it be spelt with a ‘ph’ anyway?

Good on Big Tone for this.

‘Mongo’ needs to go as well. I’ve been consciously using ‘chicken foot’ for a while now.

While we’re on this note, one of my mates totally blanked when describing a spot one day and called a Pole Jam a ‘Wallie Bar’. It cracked me up to fuck but it kind of works too, in the sense that ‘Wallie Bar’ is the obstacle and a ‘Pole Jam’ is the trick you do on it.

The ph-level spelling didn’t come until relatively later.