Weird/Funny Dreams Thread

I hardly ever have memorable dreams, let alone ones involving skateboarding. But last night had a doozy that I made a point of remembering:

Synopsis: At a university like something out of Skate 3, literally studying skateboarding - both the theory and practical sides (history of skateboarding, theory, taxonomy and breakdowns of tricks as well as real free skate sessions and coaching on the university grounds).
There were two books that were required for the course and I was the only person who had the material (bought one textbook and downloaded a pirated pdf online) and although everyone was copying it off me, no one said thanks or gave me any credit whatsoever. Told everyone to fuck off, took my book and memory stick and skated the banks for a bit before leaving.


The last one i had was trying to skate this big open plaza, with tones of pedestrians muddling about. The down side of the dream is that I only had a tee shirt on. I remember some of the time being ok with it but then suddenly being really conscious that my junk was out for all to see.

I had this insanely epic dream a few years back, it happened all so clearly in 4 distinctly separate ‘acts’. I wrote it down immediately at the time as it was so vivid and clear, here’s what I wrote, with some names redacted. It was at a time I was going through a bit of an emotional rollercoaster (should also feature in the mental health thread!). Does include a skateboard and some light blue Converse Trapasso shoes:

Part I: The car crash, helicopters
I wake up after being in a car crash. I’m partially paralysed, groggy and am totally dazed, lying in a field in thick grass looking at the sky. I can see a 2 helicopters flying in the distance above, which I assume are surveying the crash site. I don’t know if anyone else is in the crash. It feels as if I have been thrown from the car, which is light, silver coloured, although I cannot see it.

From my first person perspective, who I assume are 2 paramedics start examining me and talking to me and ask me to look in certain directions to gauge my health (I assume) whilst I am lying in the field. I feel frustration as they mistake me for being unconscious when I am aware of what’s going on, and I am looking up and left as they direct me but do not see me when I perform the instruction. I am still dazed.

Part II: My father and Christianity
I am not sure whether this part is before or after the lake part (after this one). I am sitting on a bench or sideboard, or an old piece of dark-coloured furniture with my father. He talks of his frustration with having to learn so much about religion (although I know he is referring to Christianity only). He seems to knows everything about Christianity and knows the Bible thoroughly. I feel frustration that he has been made to learn all these things but never put them into practice as he is an atheist and not a religious man.

Part III: The house and the lake
I meet with a girl, K, who used to be friends with S, my long-term ex, and we go to a beautiful, large, white/grey detatched victorian mansion in a large park in Wanstead. It is secluded and quiet. I have my skateboard with me and she persuades me to get into the pond that backs onto the mansion. I am reluctant (as I dislike swimming, even more so in a pond), but agree. I remove my socks and shoes, and jump into the pond/lake after her, with my skateboard. I use the skateboard to paddle around. The pond does not cover my head, it is not cold or difficult to swim in, it feels as though I am up to my chest in the water. As I am in the lake it is as if I am dragged gently by some kind of current or riptide. We pass what looks like a huge, decomposing grey/white bird, maybe a large seagull or heron, with wings spread, as though crucified, on the banks of the lake. I don’t see K again, and there is no sexual or other feeling towards her. I drift past and notice the riptide is slowly taking me further and further away from the house, but parallel with the bank, a short distance away (maybe 10-15 feet. After some effort, I manage to drag myself onto a smooth red stone jetty on the banks of the lake, and start making my way back to the house. I am still holding my skateboard. As I look down to examine it I notice one of the wheels is damaged and the truck is bent, from what I assume is the earlier car crash. It would mean I can no-longer use the skateboard.

I walk up the stairs back into the rear of the house and notice a number of people have taken items of clothing off to go into the pond. I see school shoes, school uniforms and a digital watch. I put back on my shoes which are turquoise Converse Trapasso’s and note I don’t put my socks back on.

Inside the barely furnished house is a chinese-looking girl who seems familiar. She may have hung around the circle of friends or have been a regular at the pub I used to go to when I was the age I used to hang around with K and everyone else (19-25?). She talks of how the house belongs to her parents. Everything inside is light-grey coloured, like a washed shabby-chic style of finish. It seems empty inside it, although it is not derelict.

Part IV: The photo
I am outside in public. In front of me is a girl from work, M, who I have no sexual feelings towards. I am having sex with her from behind, and we are both standing up. In front of us is a man standing about 10 feet away taking photos of us with his mobile phone. I get angry, rush forward and snatch the phone away from him. I delete the pictures but am conscious that he may be able to recover the deleted photos with some special software.

Dream ends.

Dreamt I had knee gaskets tattooed on. Weird.

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Lol! Do you have any tattoo’s or is this an even weirder dream that your first tatt is knee pads?

I have some tatts and also own a set of knee gaskets so not sure where this comes from.

With shorts in the dream they looked ok, it was when I got naked that things got weird.

genuine lol


I can’t remember the dream, but on holiday last week, the Mrs said I woke her up saying “of course Obama can have a helicopter if he wants one” – so fuck knows what that was about.

I talk in my sleep a lot, I think she has a few recordings.

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