Welcome 2: Hell (Welcome skate store video)

Attended the premiere last night - 300+ people in attendance from all over the UK.
This thing is fucking excellent.
All hail SOS.



Just made a thread on this too then saw this. Can someone delete mine please?

Video was banging, prem was a great time and @sk8arrog8, @42069666 and the boys smashed it.

Such a rad video.

Will Sheerin and Dale Starkie are both so sick, Blinky on an absolute tear, soundtrack was great throughout too. 10/10 Would watch again.

Really, really rad. Great skating from everyone. Blinky and Dale managed to do some fucked up stuff on some really grim spots. Tom Brown and Man footage too. Stoked.

Really great video. Gutted I couldn’t journey up it.
Stand outs for me were blinky, albie, zeta and dale.
Was impressed at how Versatile dale is.
The man bit was completely unexpected and sick.
Biased cos I love watching tech skating but the tricks that I remembered the most after the first watch were will’s fakie flip switch manual in Rotherham and dales backside flip fakie manual 180 in Leeds, dales flip backtail flip and long backtail flip (in Sheffield) and zeta’s no comply front shove manual.

Well done and congratulations @sk8arrog8 @42069666


This is fucking ridiculous and I’m half way through. Everyone smashing it, filming super on point and amazing to see technical skateboarding in the U.K. has clearly progressed to the streets in a stylish manner.

Pet Shop Boys.

Blinky man the tune everything amazing! So fucking annoyed I couldn’t come now.

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Dale fucking Starkie wow. Need to report back more but this is the best skate video Iv watched in a long time.

Thank you for all the love :heart:

You bloody wholesome lot x

Really looking forward to sitting down and watching this tomorrow. @sk8arrog8 I don’t suppose there will be physical copies up for grabs?

This is still up for debate. We may make a few but not 100% sure yet. I’ll speak to the bosses early in the week!


Forgot to say, dales bluntslide flip fakie in Sheffield is the perfect trick for that spot. executed so satisfyingly as well

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Absolutely lovely stuff!
Will Sheerin is the steeziest skater in the UK!


I know all the people in the video well so I’m obviously biased to some extent but I would say that the skating in here (along with filming/editing/music) is on par with any company/feted shoe related release this year so far.

Dale’s technique on the fakie 5.0 flip out in the first line is pinnacle


Absolutely incredible video @sk8arrog8, loved every single frame. You should all be so proud. That was easily one of the best UK videos ever made.

I’m so glad Foz had some clips in there, I have a soft spot for his skating. Lovely bloke, too.

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I agree.
This video and the level of skating therein is a testament to the cultural value of SOS’s and the strength of a scene with a brilliant one (Welcome) at its heart.
All the skaters went in for this, as did Josh, because it meant something far more than just ‘thanks for the free stuff’.


I’d love to give you all some £££. I don’t care what the format is, I just want to have this on my shelf!

Getting even ONE clip in the bag is an achievement, we all know how hard it is making videos. So to capture all of this is something really special.

There’s some beautifully personal moments in this that I’m sure a lot of people will look back on in years to come.

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That was a lot of parts of very high level skateboarding.

Tom Brown in an old Sumo shirt, I wish I still had one of them knocking about :sunglasses:

Excellent work all round with this one. Fantastic stuff