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That is laughable from a Wolves fan. Blues were the first team to have fans that openly questioned racism in the 80’s, which was part of why I’m from Wolves and not a Wolves fan, because most of the Wolves fans I knew were horrible bigoted bastards. Tom is a silly little boy who doesn’t know his history


Tom’s a Villa fan @Mick_Richards … think it’s just a gag with a few of the blues fans we play football with. Not worth reading too much into it.

Also not sure why we’re bringing racism into, not mentioned anywhere in said meme.

Even worse!

calling others inbred is bringing racism into it

Like I said, he’s a silly boy

Is it? I’d never seen it that way personally. Again I’d say you’re probably reading a bit much into this one to be honest. But I’m gonna say that as he’s my mate aren’t I?

Fair enough you feel that. Seems a bit over the top to me. But if that’s how you view the gag then I can see why you feel that way too.

I’m not reading any more than what he said, someone from Wolves calling someone from Birmingham inbred is laughable he’d get a slap in real life what’s the diff? Iike I said he’s a silly little boy

He’s not from Wolves? Not far admittedly but not from Wolves. Its where the internet doesn’t really give context well does it. It’s tongue in cheek, and from his personal Instagram probably aimed as a bit of craic with the blues fans we play football with.

Where’s he from? Stourbridge?

Arh. Again irregardless of where he is from. I really think it’s being read into a bit more than needed. Tongue in cheek and that. Doubt he would of thought it could be interpreted as racist either, so maybe a miscue.

I think you’re getting a bit too bent about it babes. I’m a Blues fan, I love Birmingham, what you want me to say? He’s a middle class boy calling people inbreds. It’s just like chav, I’m not down with it, but I’m not sitting here spitting feathers either. If you’re gonna be dumb you’d better be tough

Fair enough

Prawn sandwich anyone

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