What do you Meme

How do you sign up for that?

That time he ended up getting Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe a longer sentence in Iran when he was meant to be ‘helping’ her! Boris also put this video out below, purely to disrupt the searches and algorithms for ‘Boris and his brexit bus of lies’. That’s how much of a weasely, knows exactly what he’s doing, cunt he really is behind the fake bumbling public persona.


Jesus I forgot about that


Wasn’t there something similar where he appeared in front of a group of police officers in a similar attempt to “distract from reports that the police were called to the flat he shared with girlfriend Carrie Symonds following an alleged domestic dispute?”


Isnt that the reason why the Walt Disney company made a film called Frozen? To distract from all the Walt cryogenic google searches.


Damn haven’t heard that one before but it’s amazing haha

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Haha seen a lot of these kicking around on Facebook.

eBay is flooded with them.

They’re shit.

Skateboard gambling?

Yeah but maybe you can get it with Klarna and pay it up in three instalments.

This thing has to be making young people broke or getting in to debt.

Yeah I dunno what to think of klarna. Surely it’s just playful looking credit for the younger generation?

Exactly. And nothing that any skateboard shop sells is worth going into debt for, at any age.

Yeah totally! We use it at the shop I work at and we sell art books, magazines, zines etc, like if you’re struggling for cash do you really need a 20 quid fashion mag? Haha doesn’t seem worth it


I think they used to market themselves as credit that didn’t affect your credit rating. But then people realised that if you miss a payment it still shows as a default on your credit report. So it’s just basic credit, for cheap stuff. Terrible idea

The Duplo version of a credit card.

It’s really attractive for retailers though as klarna takes all the risk

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