What next for my daughter to learn

Hi guys and girls
My daughter has been skateboarding for about 5 months now but probably only been on her board about 30 times at the most. Just wondering if anyone has any advice for where to go next with stuff.
She can do backside kick turns on a transition but not very high up, so help with that needed
She is just starting with frontside kick turns and doing ok
She can pump on a 6ft mini ramp and get to about 5ft
She can drop in on a 2.5ft ramp
Looking to start and get her to skate on some small mini ramps but at the moment after she drops in she hasn’t got a trick to do at the other side.
Any help appreciated

Rock fakie or Rock and Rolls are usually the basic set up tricks to first learn on mini-ramp.

These help adjust your speed and balance before going into other more complicated tricks but you have to be reaching further up the ramp, over the coping first.

Love the stats. Let her do what she wants.


Yeah, this sounds like it’s your ego that’s driving her progress. If she properly gets the bug, she’ll want to progress herself. Sounds like she’s hit a wall, but if she keeps at it, of her own accord, am sure her progress with accelerate like mad.

I’ve been really careful never to push my dreams onto my 4 yr old, just encouraged her to do what she wants. I never egg her to go skatepark, I let her ask me first!

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Please do not let strangers on the internet encourage you to potentially imperil your daughter’s safety. Let her skate what she is comfortable skating and, with some gentle help from yourself, she will start to progress naturally. Just keep taking her to different skateparks and see what she likes doing.

Saw a dad stand next to a ‘handrail’ at the local indoor whilst his daughter (around 10-12 years old) tried boardslides down it in order for him to be there and catch her if she needed it. If anything, it felt like he was getting in the way a bit and making the trick more gnarly. She ended up landing it without him.




I’m more than happy to let her do whatever she wants.
She admits that she has sort of stalled and wants to progress to the next stuff.
I’m just looking for suggestions of what she could try next and how I could help her etc

Get a gang of skate mates to help each other progress

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Sounds like she’s hungry then, that’s good. Take her to skate something completely different. As different as possible, like a carpark or something. Or different skatepark at least. Will help her be a more rounded skater as well. Maybe build a little quarterpipe for the garden patio

Looking to go somewhere different this weekend. She is only showing interest in park skating (sky brown influence) which is great as we do have some great indoor and outdoor parks in the general area.
She has had a few lessons as well and goes to a girls only skate night once a month.
Just looking for ideas and help so that I could encourage her what stuff to try next

Do not end up on Braille or Remive videos.



Chat with the other parents and arrange to meet up for skates after school and weekends.
Making new mates and messing around together is much more important than the actual tricks. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thinking of going to either Ramp1 or Howe Bridge Skate park with my daughter anyone been to either and give any advice

Haven’t been to either, but isn’t Ramp 1 a bit hectic? Do they have a chilled out bit? Where you located?

Had a quick look, theres some small quarters and a ride on rail thing seems about it unless you are sessioning hubbas, few other places to do other ride on grinds.

Apparently it’s quiet first thing. There is the beginners area and also a couple of small mini ramps

Yer small quarters and stuff. Rest of it looks fucking nuts haha.

We are in Lancashire

How far is Sheffield? The House Skatepark has a rad little learner section, run lessons and stuff too I think. Plus also rad dudes run it.

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Oh yes definitely some crazy stuff, just thought the small quarters and minis might get her use to doing kick turns near a coping to get the feeling