Whatever happened to...

Heathen? Used to like those boards.

White dog shits!

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Isn’t it something to do with the way dog food is / was made?

Pedigree Chum must’ve changed their ingredients

Lots of bone ash in the food


There was way more dog shit everywhere to go white too. “who’s trodden it in?” isn’t a phrase you hear nearly as much as you used to.

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i mentioned this the other day and the person didn’t have a clue what i was talking about but back in the 80s/90s i remember it was a thing for the youths of your town to sit on really high walls. like 6 - 8ft walls, just hanging out, waiting for a bus etc.
you never see that these days.


@philmcd kind of still going through rollersnakes but no team anymore. They used a mix of wood from a third foot and dwindle. They just seem to be doing beardy skull decks now.

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Don’t worry pal I actually had a dope sit on a wall yesterday. Some of us are still trying to keep the dream alive


I just stumbled across the guy who did a lot of (if not all of) their graphics. He did some Unabomber too. Proper skateboard graphics. I can’t stand the new abstract collage shite a lot of new small companies are doing these days.

Thought it was white because it had been there for so long, because everything was so much more disgusting back then.

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Had a t shirt of theirs for years, an Easter Island head in sort of 3D print colours. Wore it til it fell apart, really nice.
True story.

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Nah , those turds wouldn’t have been there that long , there was so much bone ash in food that once the normal waste had decomposed, all that was left was the bone ash as it couldn’t be digested.

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Were sexy ladies on beer cans just a Scottish thing?

We had them hiding behind packs of peanuts and crisps in pubs




Forgot about the peanut girls. Always a point of interest when being dragged to the pub to sit with a can of Coke for four hours while the grown ups drank and chainsmoked.


The mention of Cornwall in the other thread got me thinking, what happened to those two Cornish lads who were pretty prominent In the early to late 00’s? On DC Europe and frequently in Sidewalk? Jody and ??

Haven’t heard their names mentioned for a long while but they were pretty good.

Leo and Jody Smith. Still in Truro area, working in retail (AFAIK), have a small board company called Imperial. Jody has a kid now, and the pair of them are still ripping, aging like fine wines and all that.


I’m sure I remember Jody Smith having a Sidewalk interview where every trick was switch. That blew my mind at the time.

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