Where should I move to so I can get out of the UK

I’m over this place again, been back for 2 years – I think its the government penalising me for working so I have literally no money to live on, and wasting a bunch of my time in the process. Shit politics bla bla bla, fuck this place.

Anyway, was in Barcey for 2 years, too much partying for me now with the little one.

I know a few people on here live outside the UK, anyone recommend somewhere to go!

I’d love to bugger off to New Zealand. I don’t know why because I’ve never been. I think its because everything would seem similar but as far away as here as possible. I don’t think i could now i have family tho.

Portugal is nice. Politics is bad everywhere. Generally speaking you can’t find happiness, happiness finds you so just think carefully about what you expect to gain from moving.

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Not being in England will be worth it. Fuck the tories!

Krakow is the fucking business but the language is pretty impenetrable and obviously their mainstream politics is as fucked as ours. Young people there do seem to actually give a fuck though, it’s a beautiful place and it’s cheap.

I moved to Paris, France from 2006 to 2012, after I’d kinda had enough of things here. Obviously, that was easier then than it might be now.
Loved living there and the language wasn’t so much of a barrier as it could have been. I sometimes regret moving back, but I guess I did it for a reason (can’t remember why at the moment though!)

Very right-wing politics in Poland though. Portugal is left-wing…which is a rare commodity in Europe right now.

What are your language skills like Ned? Can you and the lady speak another language or 2 to a decent standard? Are you able to find your chosen work relatively easy anyway, either in the UK or in the EU? What about family/support, etc - granted, it’s easier when you have a kid abroad, you just deal with the turbulence your life encounters, as opposed to travelling from home to a country you don’t know with an 12 month old in tow.

Just say you land a job with a big tech firm in Amsterdam. Chances are very high they’d throw £3-5k into a relocation fund for a moving van and for you to stay in an Airbnb or in the company’s own accomodation for a month until you get something sorted for yourself - that can definitely be a massive help to make the move.

I moved to Ontario, Canada last year, started the process before all that brexit stuff but when that happened it pushed us on. Liking it so far, feels more chilled out over here. There’s loads of tech stuff going on around the Waterloo region, Google have opened a headquarters there and the local government are having a big push to make a mini silicon valley. Not sure if that would be interesting to you?

Switzerland is known for its quality of life and all the Brit expats I see (and know) are rather stoked to have moved here. Speaking the local language would help but tons of them still don’t know how to order a coffee after spending decades here and they live well.
Nestlé, Philip Morris and some big corps have their headquarters here and 90% of their staff are native English speakers. Those jobs pay pretty damn well. You can get other jobs if you don’t want to sell your soul to the devil though. There are loads of international schools here too. You could teach there.

I’m sure Sweden could be very nice too.

Let me know if you’re interested. I’ll gladly help.
I’ve never checked this website as I was born and bred here but it seems legit: Expatica Switzerland: The largest online resource for expats

I know two people that have recently moved to Switzerland and have no intention of going anywhere now. I think once you settle it’s a nice, calm life.

I’m currently in the process of getting a sponsored visa for Australia. At this point I have more family in that country that anywhere in the world. I was in Sydney in May and even managed to get an overnight trip in to see my brother on the Gold Coast on one of the weekends I was out there.

Depending on what skills you have, it’s not a bad idea to go the sponsored route. If it doesn’t work out and you don’t like the place, then chances are your employer will have footed the bill for almost all of it and you can go back home with no regrets or money spent. If you do like it, then it’s easy to convert that into permanent residency. I realise it’s a bit far for a lot of people that aren’t used to being on the other side of the world to their parents, etc.

I said that.

England’s rate gewd, I’d stay

Would walk into some of those E-Commerce based roles for Nike / Converse in the Netherlands.

I just dislike this place more and more. I get proper bi-polar with emotions sometimes when a receive some shit sandwich news.

My instructor booked my driving test today which is a bonus I guess.

Get on it then!

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Move to Australia!

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Word. Melbourne is rad.

Australia, Netherlands, Estonia, Portugal, Ireland, Switzerland is where me and wife looked. Ended up in Estonia, it’s chill as fuck here and not too difficult to score a job. Politics is a bit fucked ATM but in general people are safe. Language is basically impossible.

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When I was in Melbourne it was one of the only places that seemed like a good shout to move to. Good living. No idea about visa troubles etc tho

Yer going to be hard with a nipper, applied for a bunch of stuff yesterday. Some nice positions at Klarna in Sweden!

I can’t be the only person disillusioned by the UK haha.

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