Where you skating today?

Managing to get out today? Show us your spot. And if you’re solo, lonercam a trick…

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Did you make this thread at 6am?

Currently on holiday in Derbyshire but great idea!

It was 8am my time but I was doing it in the hope of forcing myself to get out at some point today. There’s a nice little spot around the corner I wanted to check out.

I double dog dare you to learn something new, Chad Caruso style. If you make it, we’ll send you loads of precious forum points

I only really get to skate midweek, lunch break stylee… Today I will be mostly doing baby stuff.

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This is me. I work from home a lot and usually roll on lunch breaks. That way doesn’t impact on family time at all :blush::blush:

I skate to work and have a park I can get to at lunch… Same deal, works well for me. That said I’ve only just restarted after 15 years and can barely ollie, but still.

You’ll be fine, just keep on trucking and have fun

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I skated there yesterday.


Lovely little park kinda close to mine. Skated for 45 minutes, then it started raining so we took shelter under a tree. It stopped raining quickly and we skated again as soon as it was kinda dry. Reminded me of so many skates in England.
I’ll try to film something there soon.

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That’s the plan!

tonight, gonna get a new trick caruso style ha


oh man that looks sick, haven’t skated a mini in ages.

Don’t know if I’m actually going to get out today, it’s so cold still, only 8 degrees.

Not skating today. But should be skating Cambridge tomorrow if the weather holds out.

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Skated in my mind, that counts

Back in Bristol for the weekend, skated at the Showcase and Dean Lane yesterday. Good times, got to see loads of heads I hadn’t seen in a couple of years.

No building but a little cruise inside and out at a Bally.

Didn’t get out yesterday. Gonna try for today.

Went skating at a car park, was awesome, got sun burn

Rode my mountain bike instead, it were grand.

Off to the local this morning to try and get an hour or so in before it gets to busy.

What was the verdict on a summer forum edit? I’d assume it was something people are keen to do?