Which British skate brands do you use?

I’m looking for a new deck (and maybe wheels) to replace my ancient Rowley deck, and thought it would be nice to buy UK brands. I had about 16 years off from skating and I reckon some things might have changed since I was a kid. Blueprint was a still a big British brand when I skated last, and Death is the only other UK brand I can remember from back then.

Which British brands are producing the best decks (ideally with hella pop) and wheels these days? Does anybody know if they are using the same manufacturers as any other brands?

Thanks Yall!

Had Death and Palace decks and have liked both. The Palace board had good pop, bought a wide Death deck for a cruiser setup so can’t comment on the pop but sure it’s good. Skateboard café and Isle are a couple of other good companies. Tend to be cheaper too at about £40 to £45.


Isle are £60 basically, not your usual cheap UK brand. You can’t really go wrong with A Death board or wheels still.

Think Isle are generator wood too so in theory the best decks depending on your opinion

Currently riding a Fabric deck and it’s lovely

Cool, thanks. I did come across Fabric and I’d probably go with it if I can find a graphic I don’t hate in 7.75". I feel like there isn’t a whole lot of choice at 7.75".

I did have a Death bored back in the day, and wouldn’t mind having another. I can’t see any in 7.75" though. Guess I’ll keep looking…

I ride 7.75 too which is why i went with Fabric, they had a few decks in that size on Native. I don’t really care about the graphic, mines got some pink and yellow shapes, it won’t last long. The shape is lovely, I think it’s from DSM wood shop in China. Wherever its from their shapes have different concave options, mine is “mellow”

10/10 would buy again

So far your Palace suggestion is looking like my best bet because I found one that’s the right size and doesn’t look awful. It’s boring, but not awful. :+1:

With Skateboard Cafe and Isle (and other brands) I am struggling to find anything in 7.75" that I like.

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Ok cheers, DSM sounds good. I was previously considering other boards that appear to come from there.
I think you ride the one that I had in my basket earlier and then changed my mind about…
It’s the only 7.75" Fabric that native have in stock at the moment so I might end up going with that anyway :laughing:

Cheers, I hadn’t seen this store yet!

That’s the one I’m riding. If you’re super anal about shapes like me I’m happy to send you pictures and measurements!

For what’s it’s worth I was also really happy on death 7.75 boards for almost a decade. They’re good decks

That’s nice of you but no need to send pics. I’ve been off my board and only been skating again for a few weeks, so I think I’ll just get used to whatever shape I end up with. Plus it’ll be a step up as my existing deck is a 7.5", which just feels slightly too skinny, so it’s gonna feel different anyway.

And yeah I had a “I :heart: Death” board about 20 years ago and loved it. I’m still gonna try to find a graphic that I like in the right size, but now I feel like I have a few safe options I’m pretty happy that I can at least buy UK brands without being disappointed.


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Palace is my go-to. I like the concave and shapes.

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Where do they press? Their shapes are nice looking and they do 7.75. Edit - DSM as well apparently. Guess I shouldn’t be surprised if they’re doing £40 decks

My last few boards have been Heroin and they have all been great.

I had pretty much forgotten Heroin existed! I remember them more for wheels than decks - I think they used to produce some colourful ones at least back in early 2000s. I haven’t seen any Heroin decks whilst I’ve been searching for 7.75"s. I swear the industry just doesn’t want people to skate that size anymore…

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I can’t skate anything 8 or bigger. I’m short and old, my ankles are fucked. I like flip tricks and 7.75 - 7.875 just works well for me. I’ve always been able to find decks you just can’t be picky about graphics. Nowadays I can’t even be too picky about shapes

Yeah I know the 7.75s exist, but I guess I was expecting more choice. Like you said, I probably can’t be picky about graphics - just a bit disappointing all the cool graphics seem to be on 8+ boards. I know they don’t last but it’s nice if it also looks cool when you first set it up :skateboard:

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