Winter Olympics

Got the snowboarding on now, the shitter people are way better to watch, basic tricks just look better than infinite spins imo.


I follow one snowboarder on Instagram. Marcus Kleveland I think he’s called.

No idea how good he is in relation to other people but he seems pretty amazing so he’s my official pick for gold in slopestyle.

I follow one as well, this guy:

It’s almost like this game wasn’t designed for a big telly. Also the controls are mental.


Watching the snowboard slope style. How come they all seem to grab stinkbug and not tuck knee?

Mack Dawg - Decade. First snowboard video I ever owned.


Takes about 5 mins to get used to it.

If you go to full Olympics you can edit your name and control scheme.

If I remember rightly from watching the last Olympic freestyle stuff, the culture in snowboarding is that, for some reason, bent legs on Indy/fs grabs in particular is sloppy, and straight legs show greater body flexibility or something.

It’s wrong, but that’s a major divergence from skating culture I guess.


Just used the chink-chink trick name in the Beijing Winter Olympics on the snowboard semi finals :thinking:


Also when they trend towards a bluntslide/noseblunt slide its judged as sloppy!
I want to see people do those airs where they trail their hand along the floor. Stylish as fuck but probably limited points.
Also only clipping in to one binding was always rad in the old video. Wonder if they’re allowed to do that in the Olympics :sweat_smile:

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Just catching up on women’s slope style - gnarly.




So jokes ennit. Can imagine him just throwing the horns the whole way down.


Why do they win a Panda? (In the Olympics not turbo Ski Jump)

The commentator they have for the ski jump is pretty funny.

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Yer just been watching the Women’s “normal” hill.


I remember on the BBC a few years ago there was once “30 meters of pure radness”


If you time something in the 1000ths of a second can you all not agree that you’re all just about as good as each other?

Saying that luge is fucking madness.

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