Women's BATB

Not sure if already posted and i’m lazy but Berrics doing a Women’s BATB. If this is done properly then it’s going to be awesome. Really stoked they’re doing it tbh


I really don’t think this is going to be awesome and might make some people look very shit.

Could be wrong though.

It’s not about that though. Boys will always judge the skill against their own out of some weird form of jealousy or skewed idea of equality

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Nah I’ve got high hopes. Judging by insta stuff recently there’s some amazing girls out there that will get a chance to shine

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very much looking forward to this

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Same. This is great!


This might sound bad but i totally expect some girl doing super slow pressureflip variations to knock out some favourites.

Then crumble under pressure. The irony.

There was a really random “skate polo” thing on the berrics the other day. Koston threw out a pressure flip and a girl (name forgotten) did it back faster and better. This is what I mean, all over insta there’s some ridiculousness getting done but the names aren’t coming out yet, hopefully something like this gives a platform for more sponsorship places

I wonder if the prize money is the same?

According to new State law I think it should be…?

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