Xmas present cmoac thread

Show and tell peeps. Its Christmas already here in Estonia so we did pressies this morning

WAHL ‘Senior’ cordless clippers

Stainless steel Kaweco sports fountain pen. Old school, already have the brass one, I love it

And 2 pairs of savage Rothco cargos coming in new year

What did YOU get from Santa? Don’t be shy you are all in a safe place

What’s this?

Dressing gown. #midlife


A jigsaw of a picture of a sloth. Came with a poster. I’m so stoked with it, I’m really glad I opened it early, I’m making good progress.


Mrs loves frogs and sloths. Did you know they climb down to the bottom of a tree and sway their bum to take a dump

Don’t we all.

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Polar Parka Jacket and some shoes I haven’t ordered yet.

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Got an Amazon voucher. Might start a thread and let the forum decide what I spend it on.

Ages ago amazon did a gift roulette thing if you put a value in. It came up with some utter crap

That’s why you guys will help find something awesome.

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Bog roll? Isn’t Amazon stupidly expensive for anything other than the essentials, where it’s super cheap?

Last voucher I bought nappies and wet wipes.

A sensible but boring suggestion.

I got a fuck all as we spent our christmas budgets on rad food and gifts for the grom - this is the first year she’s fully into it so it was money well spent. Bonus coming in Jan so we’re going to buy ourselves something cool with that - been a rad day but really wish it could have been a bit more social.

Realised this year that the best new-baby present you can give is stuff like that. We’ve already got a couple of full binbags of too-small unworn clothes, and it’s great that everybody you know wants to help decide what your kid should wear but the essential stuff was the real gold.


I finally ran out of shampoo the other week from all those bits we had as a newborn.

Got a amazon voucher from work for working away during the pandemic and another of father in law. Going to get some new tools, and maybe a new ps3 controller so I can play skate 3.

Got a few bits, pair of carhaart cords some tees and the usual selection of beers, socks n smellies. I’ve got money sat there for a PS5 but I imagine it’ll be march before I can get my hands on one (present to myself)

The best gift is honestly this tin of jelly beans.

My daughter spotted it and made big deal out choosing it for me, it’s like she stared into my soul. “Look daddy, it’s you!”

Edit just realised it’s got extreme vampire skate rat vibe to it too.


Got a thingy. Thanks mum. I think.

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