Bicycle Thread

Old MTBs are so nice to ride. I’ve absolutely loved riding my 90s Kona. I got it cheap on eBay but ended up spending a hundred quid or so doing it up with some modern bits (narrow-wide chainring, clutch derailleur). You’d be hard pressed to get something new that rides as nice for the same price.

There are loads of people doing up old 26" on Instagram if you want ideas for builds.

Sam from Drug Store in Norwich does up old Konas:


£600. When I had a sort out of an outbuilding of mine I gave a good condition old Cinder Cone and an early 90’s Stumpjumper away for free. Maybe not the best move in hindsight :wink:

Forgive the ignorance, but is there a reason why bike wheels are bigger now?

Very tempted to find an old frame and create some sort of monster.

I think it’s just that they roll over obstacles better than smaller wheels. I’m on 27.5+ and like that. Really not feeling 29s and mullets look daft. I was considering getting a Santa Cruz 50/10 full sus trail bike as they looked sick, the 50/01 guys repped them hard and they were 27.5+ but by the time I got round to it they’d gone mullet and then went full 29’’ (and then the team left for pastures new as a result as far as I know). If you’re not going to be riding actual mtb trails and you just want to ride around on gravelly stuff then 26’’ is all good.

Full sus BMX?

@neddy and anyone else wondering ‘where’s the cycling thread?’

Here’s the new one after the last one disappeared.

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Hi need to buy a bike just chilling round Oxford kind of bike. What do I get?

[Tannoy]@ciaran to the new Bicycle thread. Thank you.[/Tannoy]


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Can’t you just find them loose around Oxford city centre?

Yer but I want my own bike. They have a bunch of different companies and just can’t be arsed finding one - just wanna get out the house and go.

I’d get something with a decent turn of speed. Leccy one maybe :thinking:



Chilling sorry

One like Toms then haha, he looks chilled in that pic. I though you were planning drive by shootings or something.

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I bet there’s some hippy bike co-ops in Oxford that can set you up with a decent runaround.

Or good old eBay or FB Marketplace.

Got a nice roadbike with aluminium frame, carbon fork and shimano tiagra off marketplace for £200. Definitely worth a look.

Good call on the bike co-op, think there’s a charity based one that sells second hand bikes locally. If Cheltenham isn’t too far then this place looks good:

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Penny’s bike is ideal.
Hub gear FTW.

What’s your budget? Can you get on the bike to work scheme?

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Fellow commuters, hobbyists and two wheeled enthusiasts, please stay safe on the roads and pay attention to everything around you.

Everyday on my commutes I see cyclists running red lights. Only yesterday I saw a guy run one on a busy junction with a kid on the back. He would have tried to run another if I hadn’t shouted at him.

This morning I saw the aftermath of what looked like a cyclist ignoring a stop sign at a junction and getting squashed by a construction vehicle. It must have happened less than an hour before I cycled that route. It may have been the truck running the stop. Either way it was horrible and a stark reminder that actions like that aren’t worth it.

I go in the car, it’s much safer :+1:


£300? Is that possible

I used to run a fixed gear last time I lived there