Yeah, it was a good fight. I thought it was a lot closer than a lot of people were saying and had it scored evens at the point it was stopped. BJS did really well in the middle rounds. But yeah, Canelo is a machine. He looks like he’s hewn from granite.

Just popping in here to say I know absolutely nothing about boxing, but Billy Joe Saunders seems like a right bellend!

Well, he’s been in the news twice in the last few years; once for trying to bribe a drug addict with drugs to do stupid shit and more recently doing a ‘funny’ video for men on the best way to batter their partners during lockdown. Not going to link cos it’s just lame.
Glad he got his face caved in to be honest.

Oh, he’s a total prick, no question. Brilliant fighter though.

Those two go together quite frequently

Mayweather just turned up for the cheque basically, doesn’t look like he even broke into a real sweat.

Oh god I wish these YouTubers would stop all this, nice payday for them both though.


My mate built that Sky Sports boxing clock. He’s a skater and was sponsored back in the day.
Big up to all my broadcast graphics / skater homies, it’s a small club.


So after two heavyweight fights Usyk is going straight into an AJ fight? Seems a bit daft to me but then he’ll earn a lot of £££

Isn’t it because Tyson Fury has left AJ in the shit by backing out of the fight at the last min?

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They basically cuddled the whole time though

…or was that because Mayweather actually knocked him out and had to hold him up till he came back around? Haha.

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Fury legally has to fight Wilder I think and I suppose their aren’t too many top fighters at that level left for AJ but this seems a bit silly to me.


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