Yer I’m just thinking about engine parts as well :slight_smile:

Random fact: most tanks can run on petrol, diesel, aviation fuel, or any mix of the above


So you’re saying… I should buy a tank? This sounds like sensible advice.


Spent yesterday morning changing the absolutely woeful headlights on my van for some more decent ones from a scrapper:

Quite proud of myself.


Looks great

Met the guy who owned my car in Brunei for 7 years after it was auctioned by the Sultan in 2013. So good to get some more info on it’s history. Here she is with her Royal Family plates back then. I’m not that into it being owned by them but god bless them for ordering these cars in RHD and keeping them on a tiny island where it’s impossible to put many miles on them. Wouldn’t exist otherwise.


Looks beautiful @Mick_Richards

Finding it very hard to drive slow at the moment, novelty needs to wear off quickly.

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You be careful in the wet with the temps going down

Try not to kill anyone!

It’ll wear off when you get 12 points!

Yer I was good today. Its worn off.

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I knew the last shockingly cheap mot was a lucky one off, a new windscreen wiper motor pushed this one to the best part of £500 :sob:

Ooofff we’ve all been there. £500 for another year’s worth of motoring is cheaper then a new car. My last 2 cars were the cheapest car available off of marketplace with a years MOT, so MOT time was waiting for the phone to ring with the fail list.

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Yeh I know the feeling just spent almost £300 passing MOT + sorting out brake cables

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Had similar with my wife’s Golf, literally just before we were due to get rid battery went, needed a service and front tyres were shot. Owned for nearly 6 years with no attachment so shes picking up a Mini tomorrow.

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