The Sultan of Brunei had a thing for yellow ones- he ordered 5 of these. On here it shows one and it says Brunei in the AMG lettering. Crazy shit. I think I prefer mine

Can you Flick it to the Hammer page for me please . Want to see that

It’s not mine, one of the MB forum nerds sent it me. Will ask

Ah ok . No worries

AMG S Class Estate. Crazy. 5 Made one is still in Germany with AMG

That’s actually quite disappointing, doesn’t look right.

I’d have this AMG wagon instead


I like it- the front is incredible

I think that’s why I like that era of AMG, they just did things that no one else thought was right and made it work, it’s such a weird aesthetic they tapped into. That Japanese one is nice but it’s too macho ( same rims as mine though so bit hypocritical ). I like the stuff that’s mildly aggro but you wouldn’t notice if you squinted

I instantly thought of the 6000 SUX from robocop

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Ha ha! Nice black version of mine on that page- so nice

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That is banging ! Liquid

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It led me to on a hashtag trail to mine


I’m now changing my under £100k car from the list.

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This one’s my fave


Yes! Lowered mk1 lairy pinto on twin 45s blaring up the road in a cloud of tyre smoke

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