Was just watching this. This guy’s collection is insane. The JPS car and the green CSL. So sick. Funny geezer too. Must be absolutely minted

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Fuck me . What a taste in cars and yes the dosh he must have for all those.
And the Bentley - his crazy car! Haha fuck it’s the tamest .

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I just switched to auto when I got the Volvo. Was pretty scared to drive it home but now I’m used to it I couldn’t go back. Unless I got a Porsche or something.

Couple of times I slammed the brakes on, thinking it was the clutch. But luckily I’ve only done that at slow speeds!

One annoying thing is it’s quite hard to creep along really slowly. Like when parking or pulling away from a parallel parking space. It wants to either stop or go, nothing in between. Turned the auto park off, that helped a bit but it’s still a annoying.


A 9/11 is the only reason I would go manual these days


I just upgraded my lease, went diesel manual to petrol auto. Driving just got way more enjoyable. Can’t see me going back,…


Same applies to birds eye cameras. Had them for a while now, not sure I could park a car without them,…


This is so cool

Like if the Cybertruck made a baby with a Lotus Europa


I’m finding myself irrationally wanting one of these more and more all the time. And I normally hate this style of slightly jacked-up hatchback, but I think this looks absolutely mint and by all accounts it’s great to drive too.

It’d be the ST version I want, because I’ve never had anything close to a performance car, and I want one before I shuffle off to midlife boredom. BUT, it’s actually a midlife boredom reason why I want one.

I really want one because of this piece of inspired genius in the boot.

Not only does it add about another 50 litres of boot space, separate to the normal boot, it has a plughole in the bottom, so if you have any dirty shite in there, you whack it in, close it, and then hose it down afterwards, and it just drains itself. Why nobody’s thought of that before is beyond me.

Here’s another picture of it being used as a dog-bath. That’s a proper piece of “Lifestyle Solutions” that actually will add usefulness to your life. They do call it the “Megabox” though, which is tragic, but I just know I’d be all, “Don’t worry love, we’ll just lob it in the Megabox! Bosh!” way too loud in public.

This post is brought to you neither by Ford, nor Alan Partridge.


Could keep the dog in there too

Also reminds me of this

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Might need Middle Aged Car thread for this - but just buying some car cleaning products and I was wondering if anyone had any tips on a good system.

I’m having a ceramic coat out on the Benz next week, then i want to get a good cleaning/waxing routine established, but don’t want to get mega anal with it either.

I’m going Meguiars wash and wax- microfibre mitt, two buckets one for rinsing
dry her off with microfibre towel
newspaper and white vinegar on the windows/mirrors
Bilt Hamber wheel cleaner

Might get one of those rotary polishers in time but not sure if it’s worth doing that myself v going to a specialist.
Any advice appreciated

That is really handy that

I get our cars Autoglym Lifeshine treated then just use Autoglym products all round. Body Shampoo and conditioner, rapid wax, custom alloy wheel cleaner, fast glass, tyre dressing/ gel, interior shampoo, odour eliminator, bird dropping wipes, leather cleaner and care balm, rubber and vinyl care all as standard. I use their own microfibre and finishing cloths. I occasionally top up with some of their other products when needed. The Lifeshine treatment comes with a lifetime guarantee provided you use Autoglym products exclusively afterwards. Works for me and I’ve done it on a number of cars now.

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Thanks. The body shampoo and conditioner is two different washes? I was advised with the ceramic coat it doesn’t need as much regular attention as without, and being pretty lazy/time poor it seemed sensible. I’m hoping to find a local firm that can do the interior and occasional waxes for me rather than going all out myself. It was a toss up between Autoglym and what I listed, they do seem great.

The shampoo and conditioner is a 2 in 1., (take two bottles in to the shower, not me :wink:). Wash off excess dirt etc with a pressure washer and then use the shampoo and conditioner, rinse with water. The rapid wax is a great time saving cheat. You just spray it on to the wet paintwork and use a micro fibre cloth to apply it. You can zip round pretty quickly. Dry with a clean microfibre cloth and then shine with a finishing cloth. (Now and again I use the super resin polish and that takes a bit more time obviously). I occasionally get a pro valet for the interiors, but I can do a car inside and out fully in about 3 hours. I should think the ceramic wax treatment you’re getting would be similar to the Lifeshine thing. That rapid wax spray on brings the finish straight back up to look like a new proper wax job on treated paintwork.

People can go a bit mental over the home valeting thing. There are some crazy videos up on YouTube. That was a rabbit hole I disappeared down for a few hours.

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Ha ha. State of us. Yeah it’s a rabbit hole I’m not trying to go too far down. More of a maintenance wash and you just wanna get the flies etc off after every drive ideally.

What pressure washer do you use?

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And what’s your opinion on the foam which seems to be trendy at the mo? Some seem to swear by it others say it’s a load of shite

I’ve got a Stihl pressure washer that I can’t fault. Well, I had one and lent it to a mate a month or so back so he could wash his decking and patio, it hasn’t made its’ way back to me yet. A bit of a Ned Flanders and Homer Simpson scenario going on there. I’ve been borrowing my neighbour’s Bosch and that seems to do the job and probably cost a bit less than mine.

I do like things to be ‘just so’, so can be borderline ocd about stuff - I guess that’s a pretty widespread skateboarding trait. I think Gonz said something about most people would buy a bike and wouldn’t like the seat but would do nothing about it. As a skateboarder, you’d immediately switch that thing up. You have to flip your board and catch it right or else it doesn’t count. That sort of mentality. But you have to draw the line somewhere, and so I’m not about to start shining powerful torches at my paintwork to identify ‘swirlies’ or build a tent around my car on the driveway. That way madness lies, haha.

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Autoglym do some foam products but I haven’t tried them. I keep meaning to, but have just stuck with what I usually use. I’m sure they work. I don’t have any personal experience of them so I don’t know if splashing out on them would be worth it.

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No idea how well it actually works but it’s very satisfying, I’ll say that for it.


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