Bet you can get it on ebay.

Out of nowhere I think I’ve persuaded my wife to try one of these. If you have to have 7 seats on a budget I’m chuffed to get something slightly pimp


Ah so the K-pop tour wagon has made its mark . Lot of car space and tech for the money

Yeah we went full circle via taxi driver MPV and poky SUV hell and I think she’s come round to this. I got her to sit in the 6/7th seat of a Seat Kodiaq and her knees were literally under her chin. Looked like she was riding a BMX.


Has this been posted here yet? Some properly strong Merc pornongraphy.

So this new Tesla Roadster will have optional rocket thrusters, why am I not surprised.

It looks lovely, but I don’t get why it has to be $200k. If they just made a normal roadster on top of the existing platform I bet they would sell like hotcakes. There aren’t that many good convertibles around at the moment.

Edit - I guess they’ll probably sell like hotcakes anyway. So there’s that.

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When you consider the performance and mileage figures they’re claiming, $200k seems ridiculously reasonable. A lot of Tesla’s thunder and good will has been stolen by the advent of electric hypercars so they’re obviously looking to develop a mass market version before the other big sports car brands get in, and still maintain their appearance as the jewel in the crown of electric vehicles.

This reads like I’m a massive Elon apologist but I hate the prick, and think Tesla has a long way to go in terms of its practices and quality control before it will match the prestige of a traditional manufacturer in my eyes, for all that’s worth.

I suppose the question is if it will actually come out within a reasonable timescale, I think the Cybertruck has been significantly delayed twice now.

If it were to buy an electric sports car at the moment it would be a Taycan, I know the range isn’t the best but they look gorgeous, especially the Turismo version.

I think there’s a gaping hole in the market for a roadster/cabrio in that price bracket. I’m sure there will be an electric boxster soon but id like to see something a bit different.

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lol those are some numbers.

I guess if you look at it from $ per MPH it’s cheap compared to other hyper cars.

I see a lot of people mentioning quality control but I don’t know what they’re seeing that I’m not. Full leather interior, nice paintwork, good amount of space in the trunk and the ‘frunk’, good detailing, minimal buttons.

For me the only thing that’s shit is the choice of colours.

I’m no Musk fan but I will never get a different car, it’s practically perfect in every way. It’s the easiest car to drive and maintain. Never having to buy petrol is also a bonus.

Knowing what you spent per month on that Volvo you could probably afford one but the standard model isn’t that fast. Beautiful though.

The Cyber Truck is sick! Don’t @ me

It’s things like the spoiler on the Model X. It was supposed to lift and lower automatically, or with changing drive modes, but they couldn’t get it to work so now it stays permanently raised, but this leaves a huge opening for water to get into the panel gaps and chassis. It shows a lack of quality control and overall care when producing their vehicles. Then there’s the customer service stuff, with them withholding vehicles from people who’ve paid a deposit in favour of full purchase, or removing features from cars (lumbar support in seats, “chill” mode) after order.

Don’t get me wrong, the progress they’ve made is huge, they just seem to model themselves on a something like a mobile phone company that sells cars, rather than a car company in terms of how they conduct their business.

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Yeah it’s a relatively new company and those are some fuck ups but I have no complaints at all other than you have to press a button on the screen to open the glovebox.

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