Continually updated beat francois lunch v2.0

Don’t like mayo on its own but with a bit of sriracha it’s dope. And kimchi mayo is wicked with sushi or chicken.

Started making pizzas on a stone on the BBQ as well, will take some pics over the weekend of one or two of those.

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Went to Dishoom for lunch, the one at the coalyard near St Pancras. Had never been before, I expected it to be overrated, it is actually really fucking good. Wouldn’t describe it as the best curry ever, but better than your average UK curry house. The sides and nibbles were great. Nice experience too, food aside.

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Much jealously homie

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Just made Gnocchi with black pudding, pesto and basil. Sounds rank, tastes amazing


I can imagine that being pretty dope yeah. If you replace black pudding with “Biroldo” it sounds pretty high end!

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Finished off one of these last night. Mountains of Indian bbq meat, we got three meals for two of us out of it. So good

This isn’t really a “beat Francois’ lunch” post, but the other day I had an M&S Wensleydale and carrot chutney sandwich purely because every time I’m in a place that sells M&S food I think of @franc posting about them on the old forum often enough that it’s completely wedged in my brain from about 15 years ago. I’ve never actually seen one before now. As far a as packet sandwiches go it was a pretty strong example.


Haha, that’s awesome!

I hardly ever have packet sandwiches these days but if I have one it might well be this one.

I’m not a vegan but this looks great for the woke bedwetters on here


Anyone got a reliable jalepeno jar tip?

I’m absolute sick of opening a fresh jar only to find soft, mushy jalepenos. Sick of it. My plight is real.


Little salad plus some grilled chicken wings on the bbq.

Simple and doesn’t weigh you down :sunglasses:

Fried tofu with veg and rice. Pretty good actually


I had two cans of Heineken and a slice of bread and butter (not pictured).


Heineken. Good man.


Heineken is pretty much the only beer I won’t touch. I find it horrible. Not trying to sound like one of those IPA experts, but… it’s fucking Heineken.

Nah man I like it, much better than shit like Carlsberg or Fosters


And that’s coming from someone who was drinking the grapefruit brewdog the other day!

I like Czech beer. It doesn’t give me a headache if I drink it alongside whisky

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Hahaha! Its name was better than its taste.

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Haven’t had Carlsberg or Foster’s in ages.
I usually drink 1664 or something local if I’m drinking cheap, basic lager.

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