Continually updated beat francois lunch v2.0

It was for us too. Last time she had one my wife was ill for about a month.

I’m going to try this one.

We made sushi


Have you got guests coming over for a fancy evening?

Haha no, we just really, really like sushi.


Banging. Where did you get the fish from? Thats always been my problem so just used smoked salmon or cooked prawns

We have a good fish monger round here. Told them it was for eating raw and they brought out a fresh one to cut from.

I’m making out like I put some work into this. I didn’t do any of this. I just get to eat it. Yassssss


Fridge empty missing many extras.


Looks nice apart from the anxiety inducing plate placement.


It’s on the side!

Any of you boys tried Oxford Sauce? Condiment game changer.

I’ve become the sort of person who thinks a smoothie bowl is an acceptable lunch.

I’m fine with this I think

Instantly made me hungry!

What does Oxford sauce taste like, can you explain?

Pork belly ribs, slow cooked then grilled outside, chicken wings with my own spice blend, hot sauce and blue cheese dressing, burger with leerdammer and a brioche bun, coleslaw and homemade chips.

Paternity Leave lunches ftw


I mean I’m dribbling out of both ends but that coleslaw looks like it’s letting the side down. 8/10

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Fair. Could have been better but the wings and ribs redeemed it

so there’s this lovely picture of food and then i scroll down and read that. cheers fella. @BDF that’s banging

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Ooof nice! I want to have a go at smoking some brisket or ribs this summer on the charcoal grill.


I did pulled pork in the slow cooker at Christmas and it was banging

Pritchard has a receipe for a banging slaw in his book. I leave out the capers and chop some jalapeños up into it as well

I’m not vegan, but I have started using vegan mayo and it’s so much less gross than normal mayo.

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Japanese Mayo is the best.

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