Continually updated beat francois lunch v2.0

Only drink that in France, they’re tied together in my mind


1664 is pretty big here but then again I live 20 minutes away from the French border.

I like ordering a pint of numbers for the sake of it every once in a while when visiting Blighty. :upside_down_face:

Camden Hells is my favourite lager I think. If I get cans I usually drink red stripe.

My local pub has Warsteiner on draft which is dope.

My local shop only has Heineken or Estrella in 330ml 6 packs and I wanted small cans. I think I prefer Heineken to Estrella but I’ll drink either.

Favourite lager is probably Bitburger Pils but I like that Augustiner one too.

I don’t really like Kronenbourg it’s too syrupy but maybe we’re getting a shitty UK brewed version.

I didn’t realise that stuff was 6.5% when I first tried it. Was wondering why I felt so weird.
Surprised we don’t have a beer thread, or would that be too middle aged and boorish?

My mate ran a brewery and said that they can’t guarantee the abv for each individual batch especially with smaller breweries so they just guess based on what it should be. A lot of it is to do with tax, over a certain percentage is heavily taxed so if it measures over they just round down and avoid the hassle of redeclaring it. Thats why you can sometimes have 4 pints of something one day and be steaming and the same from a different batch and feel fine.


That explains a lot. Someone connected with our work started a new brewery, so we had a zoom beer tasting. All the beers were around 4-5%, but everyone was hammered! They were definitely stronger than they said on the can.
I figured it was just teething problems you get with a new brewery.

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Right, finally had a proper bash at the smoker today, took it camping with us.

Just basic salt and pepper rub. 8 hours ish at 110°-130°, in foil for the final 3 hours.

Look at that fucking smoke ring round it! Also made some smoked garlic butter and had that on some corn as a side.

This was a good investment.


Gonna slather the leftovers in BBQ sauce and do burnt ends tomorrow.


what fuel do you use in this thing?

Mostly charcoal with a handful of soaked wood chips on top once it gets hot enough. I think I used hickory.

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I used to visit once or twice a year but haven’t been able to come over since this whole Covid thing started. I really missed England today for some reason so I went to an Indian restaurant for lunch and now feel at peace with the universe again.

So tonight for dinner I had this green salad with carrot, shallot, crispy fried onion, pomegranate and blue cheese, with a homemade creamy white wine vinegar and wholegrain mustard vinaigrette. I currently own 4 pairs of Half Cabs. Does that make me completely fucked up as a person @Les_Zeppelin?

Funnily enough I saw this on Ryan Lay’s story after eating dinner. Not trying to redeem myself, I know I’m probably done here, just thought this was amusing. Serendipity I suppose.

We had breakfast in a cafe in Glasgow the other week and the guy put strawberries on my wifes avocado/toast/Sriracha, it was an ok combo actually.

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Well it looks horrible and pomegranate seeds are just gravel on a plate but there’s no strawberries so you get a pass.

Hahaha, thanks!

I love pomegranate, it’s kinda crunchy and sour which definitely adds flavour to a salad. I just wish it was cheaper here. You can get a big glass of freshly squeezed orange and pomegranate juice for pennies in Turkey, shit’s dooope.

I found a salad dressing that I liked, some moroccan thing with pomegranate, in fact it’s amazing (I have always hated all things saucy like mayo etc) Had one bottle and now it’s disappeared off the shelves. GUTTED

Cab would not be happy.

Had a beef tartare with scandinavian spices, roasted pecan nuts and cranberry jam for lunch. Yes @Les_Zeppelin, raw meat with cranberry jam. It was excellent.

Wanted to link you guys to it but shit doesn’t seem to work. Scroll down and select carte en anglais to get an idea >
Didn’t take a pic of it because it’s 2021.

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Jams on savoury food are the best.

Top tier is mint jelly (if apple sauce doesn’t count), then redcurrant and then the rest.

Never had the chance to try gooseberry on mackerel though.

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Never had mint jelly. Don’t know if I can find any here. I’ll get some next time I visit, ta!

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