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I literally just had some on a lamb, potato and pea and green bean traybake. Noice.

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Sounds good!

Just bumping this thread to say I’ve never heard it called “mint jelly”. If you’re over here you’re much better off looking for “mint sauce”. Eat it with lamb, but don’t expect mint to be the dominant flavour; it’ll be the worst, most vinegary shock of your life if you do. Chuck a spoonful in the gravy and mix it in while you’re at it.

EDIT: Google tells me mint jelly is the more expensive, slightly sweeter brother of mint sauce. Apologies to Les for not doing my research.

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Yeah of course I’ve had mint sauce. Love it. You can get the Colman’s stuff down here too. I sometimes use it to make raita if I’m in a rush or feeling lazy.

Absolutely fucked it, of course someone with your culinary wisdom has had mint sauce!


I don’t know mint sauce because I know good food, I know mint sauce because I spent a year in England.

Homemade mint sauce is great if you can be arsed. But a mint sauce sandwich is a beautiful thing too. Just loads of Coleman’s mint sauce and two bits of bread

Word to the wise on mint jelly. The Tesco version is best avoided.

The asda one is way better. No graininess and is cheaper and sweeter.

I love anything vinegary and have definitely dipped a lot of bread in a lot of mint sauce!

Sometimes I have half a baguette and just dip it in good olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Get weird stares from my girlfriend but the added guilt makes the whole experience even better.

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Never tried these, I stick to Colman’s.


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