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Gabriel rip is pretty poor taste.

It was his first ever pro board that came out (this is a reissue), before Gabriel passed, so he’s kind of stuck with it forever unfortunately.

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Even worse. That’s kinda like cashing in.

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Stoked they sold out really quickly because it stopped me impulse / drunkenly adding to cart.


mis-spelt Forrest board for the win, haha


Finally got round to hanging a few boards. £10 Ikea display shelf works a treat


Always liked that Ed T graphic

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Yeah like that Ed T reminds me of Radlands comps.

Yeah it’s cool. This ones hand painted hence me keeping it in the plastic wrap as I don’t think the paint is sealed

Automatically think of the welcome to hell cover.


Nice…keep an eye on it though. Sometimes the wrap can react with the paint and stick to it. I’ve had it happen myself.

Oh cheers didn’t think of that

Yes, I think that’s what I was thinking! I think there was a pic of him riding the same board at Radlands 95.

That didn’t take long at all.


Where’d you find that?

The Big Brother sticker was Photoshopped out for the video cover.

Searched: Ed templeton radlands

Yeah. There are websites that automatically just take shit from Instagram. Just the pictures, without the captions/credits. Which is why you get dogshit like @v_i_n_t_a_g_e_s_k_a_t_e creating accounts of just reposting whatever appears on Pinterest or Picuki.

I love having wall hangers but I’ve always thought boards hung horizontally look really weird whereas vertical one just look normal.

This is a way better solution for a horizontal graphic though. Will be giving it a go. Cheers!

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No worries. I think they do even slimmer display shelves whihc have like a groove, which in hindsight might have been even better as these are a bit deeper than I’d wanted, but these were all I could get at the time

Yes mate, that is the exact photo, I nearly said it was the barrier grind, thanks for reassuring my brain that it wasn’t getting confused!

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