Continually Updated Decent Graphics

I believe it’s a double kick too.

Or double tail.
You know, symmetrical.


Ahh cool. Just ordered one on a whym.


Managed to find one of these in stock. Now I just need to find a spot for it on the wall.


New 917 stuff is definitely the nicest yet. I thought it was stopping, too.

But this, with the butterflies and gradient…

…looks a lot like this.

Drake had a butterfly in a Real ad once, so he can probably claim it.

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I think he said he’s just going to put out things when he feels like it and maybe have the odd guest board now and again, still keep it interesting to do without stressing himself about it. I mean companies like Skate Mental are still a thing, right (with riders), so why not?

I had a couple of those Drake Jones decks - all white with a monarch butterfly - back in 95. The memories come flooding back…stripy Polo shirts, ripstop cargos and Sal 23s…good times.


Oh totally. I’ve always bought the stuff, I like it.

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Ah, is that WeSC board a remake? I only ever saw that ad, didn’t realise it was for a board.

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Isn’t that a Westert Edition guest board? Magenta did a Drake guest board as well. Graphics were a Soy (?) illustration of Drake’s hand and butterfly from the original ad.

Here’s a low res, blurry photo of the OG Real one.

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Would love to hear some background on how they took that photo

I’m pretty sure it must have involved some kind of root vegetable.

I’d love to see an Avi / Wight Trash collab along these lines.

Tired graphic by Parra is nice.


Isn’t that just any Parra graphic but with ‘Tired’ on it?

Isn’t that just any Tired graphic? It’s his company after all.

He’s a great artist and I am told he’s a very nice guy too. I don’t buy any of his stuff it doesn’t quite push my buttons for some reason but I rate him.

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These are bloody lovely.

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On that note I was looking at some Pendleton graphics yesterday as well!

Darkroom stuff:

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I didn’t realise this had made it on to BBC news, that was my local park growing up, I used to love that shitty metal spine so much.

I like the simplicity of these Atlas boards.


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