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Yes! They feel incredible when you pop them into banks too.

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Looks like you’ve been fakie-ing for years…

This is next to my house


absolutely love a little fakie ollie into a bank, so scary but so satisfying

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I just rewatched and realised there’s a rail you are going over!

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the exact same one some freak nollie heel hippy jumped, no idea who this bloke is mind



ah the tight jeans/emerrica reynolds phase

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TBH id eaten a phat slice of space cake and was very much feeling the effects while doing that


Moggins footage heavy day. Not complaining, good shit.


haha i’m glad you did such a mad one

Fuck yeah, that was splendid. :heart_eyes:

Did another tribute act as @PiledriverWaltz and @andy_smoke seemed stoked on this concept.


Mexican u-turn. Or does that have to be backside like Matt Rodriguez?

I didn’t name it because I was wondering about that too!
The Mexican U-turn was definitely the backside version, so I suppose this is a frontside Mexican U-turn.
Easier done than said. :upside_down_face:

Andy Howell actually did those on the floor mannies first but Tbf Andy Howell did a lot of things first.


the Rattray one’s kinda fucked. Looks hard

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Yeah, they’re weird at first, feels like you’re throwing yourself in a washing machine, but they are really fun!

Just take a moment and really try to imagine you are stuck inside a washing machine. That’s fucking terrifying

I think about that every time I wash my clothes as one of my cats loves sleeping on fresh clothes in the tumble dryer.

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