Continually Updated Personal Footage and Photos

Another other new wheelie. Tell me if that’s too much.


wicked man! not too much, just right.

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Clear blue sky and beautiful mountains are way too much.

The mannie is sick.


Bluntslide flip like whoa

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Cheers man, still got it in me to actually try on occasion!

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Thank you pal. Really into wheelies at the moment. :relaxed:

Thanks man!

I should have kept my car out of there, Greta Thunberg isn’t stoked.

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I was going to say “It’s a shame about the car”.

And now its way worse because it’s yours so could have moved it haha.


Hahaha. Whatever. I didn’t think about it until I watched the footage, and then again it’s just me doing shit on a skateboard, on Instagram.

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Yeah I’m fucking about and I’m sure you didn’t think about ‘the shot’.

But next time move it yeah? Hahaha

Will do, hahaha! :kissing_heart:

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