Continually Updated YouTube Thread

Gnarly Manchester culvert exploration, Martin does some interesting stuff without it being a bit too standard urbex

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Ah ha ha ha! Amazing.

Sick I’ve been watching Martin for years now, I’d already been to a few of the spots he’s “videod”

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Guys, I thought I’d demonstrate some of my latest culinary skills so I’ve started a channel. Hope you like. This is 100% me btw.


Mmm…butter sauce. My favourite.

The length of time which the salt flowed for…

And yeah, that “sauce”

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I realised how clean my house is after that.

His kitchen was way worse than the actual food.


That was like an Alan Tutorial video.

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Christ that’s just like this guy I used to watch years ago on the Something Awful forums.

There was a thread on this french Canadian hoarder living in the middle of nowhere called masao and he’d video himself cooking all these weird meals in his dirty galley kitchen (and toilet) I remember one episode where he ran out of counter space due to the mess so he ended up having to chop vegetables on the top of his toilet cistern. It was hilarious and horrifying.

As his episodes progressed it became more evident that his mental health was deteriating at which point a lot of people reached out to him and got him help, he went off the radar for a few years and returned with an update, as far as I know he’s all good now, he deleted his account so a lot of content is lost but some of it is here.

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My mate was obsessed with Cooking with Kay and its the same council house grim cooking with lard type “recipes” that just turn your stomach


I’ve seen pretty much all of those, I love it. The baked spaghetti one is my favourite, I think someone posted it on here and I couldn’t stop watching

Yesss was trying to remember what that was. A work of art

1 pan though. Can’t fuck with that.


Fucking rank

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This was spectacular.

Was oddly satisfying the moment the son went to taste (?) it, and we got to hear an audible crunch being delivered.

I also enjoyed her demonstration of the three best ways not to cut an onion.

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