Continually Updated YouTube Thread

Wasn’t sk8wine just a reactionary content generator from the offset?
I remember at some point in the recent past on slap he said he aggrevates for the reaction. Aren’t most of his videos at demos just him trying to wind up female skaters that don’t want to talk to him?
It makes sense he would take the incel/right wing troll route.



If Sean Goff and Lee Blackwell are commenting on your videos, then you’re exactly where you deserve to be.


He looks like a predator and so I’m just going to assume he is and write him off as an eternal Brian.

Skateboarding is better than ever.

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My new favourite sport


Someone on Twitter posted a video of a cockerel crowing until it fell over.

This ‘Death Metal Rooster’ was in the thread that followed…

This is mega fuckin geeky - ID the drum machines. I was expecting to do OK but scored zero (strictly speaking, one could be debatable)

Oooh, nice. I like those blind test videos, strictly 90s though, haha.

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My friend Jim has a few old boards…


Some bangers in there. Love the Heintzmans, Acme, Deathbox gear, all really rare, especially some of the slicks. I must’ve skated at the same places as Jim I was skating a lot of the Northampton comps at the same time

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The Smedley Bad board tho :joy:


Cool to see the old Pie shop board, I had a couple of those.

Some good ones in there but the Sheffey Board is on another level!

banging - met jim during my brief time at the voltarol as he’s good pals with damian, proper sound geeza