Continually Updated YouTube Thread

Spectacular. If someone just played me this and said it was from the local news, a heartwarming story about some nursing home residents who’d formed a rock band to raise money for children in need I would both believe them and also judge it to be a piss poor effort.


You got to shoot for the moon and bring a broom.


Wasn’t it @deadhippie who criticised his poetry in Skateboarder?
It was it Pat Canale in BB?

There was a story about him punching whoever it was and getting banned from whichever mag as a result. Can’t see Big Brother banning anyone

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If only he’d taken one along to Radlands. He could have helped with the tidying up.


For some reason I seem to remember Carnie going on about getting bored of his Lone Wolf BS after being at a poetry reading but it could have been Skateboarder? I was reading everything back then so might be confusing mags and writers.

yeah, that’s it, but it’s somehow way worse.
How did he ever get a gig with anyone with flow like that?
Listened again and what’s with the editing? fair enough editing the video but why does the audio glitch at the same time?

Just a guess but this might be what he was going for

I think it was Mike O’Meally?


Yeah o’meally got choked out at one of his readings because he wasn’t taking it seriously. Skateboarder said he was banned and he got all his sponsors to threaten pulling ads.
Something like that anyhoo.


It was at Tampa Pro. He talks about it in his chromeball

That’s right - it was! Skateboarder then?

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Remember when his whole brand was skateboarding and letting that do the talking…

Now he’s a shit singer that’s releasing a comic book and basically rehashing his time in the 80s once again with no sign that he’s doing all that much skating now.

He’s worse than fucking Hosoi.

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decided it’s a joke and he’s trolling us. It has to be, even with his track record of being off the pulse, this is too far to be serious.

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In hindsight, maybe that Mike V tune isn’t too bad.

Seem to remember a santa cruz vid (youtube) where some dude does like 100-something tricks in a row without bailing at a little concrete park. Anyone remember who this was? I did do a search for it. It’s not the recent ‘how many ledge tricks can this guy do’, it was like a year or two old I think

Ryan Lay I think

Found it but this might be a better version…


holy shit thank you @notactuallyhere :+1:

People may have already seen this, but the 1977 Nationwide piece on skateboarding at South Bank just got uploaded to the BBC Archive YouTube channel.


I started in 1986 and I thought of the 70s as the stone age! Flares, narrow decks, no ollies…couldn’t even imagine how life would have been way back then from my 80s vantage point.

Crazy to think it was less than a decade away. Barely think I’d notice if I went to sleep tonight and woke up in 2014.