Documentary thread

Christ we really are locusts .

Powerful doco and will definitely sacking off tuna and many other fish now.

Man we’re really good at fucking this planet up.

Why the fuck would they not call it “ConspiraSea”???


Apparently the same film group also behind the Cowspiracy doco from 2014.

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Fucksake, I have just cut down on meat and started eating more fish, really liking it too.
I will have to watch it though.


These documentary’s are so 1 sided though. I’m sure there’s a counter argument.

Yeah I’m usually sceptical but was checking as I went and much of
It was happening as in the documentary.

I didn’t realise how bad mangrove clearing For prawn farms was either .

And not just in Thailand

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They could call the shrimp one ‘Prawnspiracy’

I’ve seen people talking about this but I think I’ll give it a miss.
I know the world is fucked so if it’s all finger pointing doomsday stuff then no thanks.
I need solutions not statements.
I also need to navigate the fine line of happiness and depression.


Plus Netflix docs like this are hugely one-sided, lacking any nuance, and basically, clickbait.

Said as an ocean loving eco veggie too.

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Started it and the guy was unbearable and couldn’t finish it, I don’t eat fish anyway.

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It’s defo something to watch when you’re not already low.

The scale is unreal and the diversions from the culprits are something else.

It does have solutions, like most of the problems on the planet , but it will probably take this full on “in your face shock and awe” to make people sit up and listen and take very detrimental choices that collectively will help change the direction of the shit show Of commercial fishing. The video evidence is undeniable.

I’ve been scouring the web for “snopes” style fact checking on the numbers and evidence and there’s very little to counter it at the moment.

It’s a hard one, do we want to see the reality or ignore it and hope someone else deals with it. And that’s every aspect of the environment.


Yep, so many of them are like that I found.

The go vegan one definitely was “ i ate meat and could do battle ropes for 15 minutes then stopped eating animal products and I went for over a hour”

No you didnt, you’re chatting breeze mate


Already posted under Hip Hop but it’s a documentary so…

Title is in French but audio is English

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Maybe abp

That’s not the ESPN thing that dropped a few months ago, is it?

Yeah, I think so. Its good…if it is.

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Yeah it really is. Ignore the sensational ad break bits.

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