Equipment Thread

Yeah i had it sitting over the end of a bit of concreted steel tube in my garden and was smashing the shit out of it with a club hammer . I squashed the end of the tube quite a bit but it worked.

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Need some new wood and thinking of trying something different.
What’s Baker wold like?

Had a lot of baker boards, i really like them.

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Been gagging to get a new board but I’m holding back as I’ve got a stack of about 5 that have barely been used. Only skated once since lockdown started as well.

Really tempted to get one of thse though…

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snapped a thunder 149 standard kingpin clean off right where it comes through the baseplate, went at it with a hammer and chisel for a while and didnt budge. did some googling and found a longboard forum where they mentioned sticking the baseplate in the oven for a little bit so popped the pivot cup out, did that and it came out after a good few whacks.

not sure how well that’d work for titanium/hollows/whatever newfangled technology is out there atm but it worked solid for me/

Never even though about that technique before, seems so obvious now.
Im sure it wouldnt be too hard to make a press to remove/fit kingpins but would probs only be worth having in a skateshop due to size/how often an individual would need to use one

I should have got my blowtorch out I use on seized bolts and ball joints on my cars. Hard way first as always ha! Luckily I’ve not had to do it since. Could be the hollow kingpin that’s the issue.

On the subject of hollow kingpins has anyone had much experience with hollow trucks?
Notice any difference to regs trucks??

Lighter. Can’t really comment on strength as I haven’t snapped a kingpin since literally last century

Significantly lighter to notice a difference while skating??
Im a tight arse so dont want to fork out the extra for something that doesnt really do much.
Also like grinding my trucks to the axle til they snap and hollow axles will surely make this happen faster!

You can usually get the variant with just hollow kingpin, not hollow axle. I got them with both as it’s summer and daughter did not need any new clothes so daddy treated himself.

No danger of any truck breakages (or even remotely aggressive grinding) from over here


Heat gun might do the trick too then.

Or hairdryer

Might take a bit longer.
Note to anybody reading, a heat gun is not a safe alternative for drying your hair.


I once tried to use a heatgun to dry a screen (screen printing) and the mesh vanished before my eyes. :smiley:

I’ve got Ace trucks. AMA.

Are they same as Indys like everyone says?

They’re not like anything. They don’t look very nice but they feel and work fine.

Got them from a homie who gets them, wouldn’t have bought them from a shop but they’re fine. They’ve got a diamond on the inside of the baseplate though.

Ace trucks here too, went from indy 139s to ace 44s.
So far no real difference over the Indy’s either, nothing a bushing change couldn’t solve anyway

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