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Hmm… What is 10% of zero? :wink:

edit that’s referring to my trick ratio, not Hugo!


So I have been using Aire bearing for years for nmy bike stuff for years and thought I would give a go, anyone tried these?

I’ve only ridden Bones Swiss for 20+ years and wouldn’t use anything else. I’d happily ride Bones ceramics if someone gave me a set though. Bones Super Red ceramics are £90ish and Swiss Ceramics are £140/50 a set. I’d guess that £6 ceramics aren’t going to be all that. There’s only one way to find out and at £6 it’s not much of a loss if they turn out to suck. You did say at some point that you were skating in wet conditions so if you have two set ups, one for dry and one for in the wet you could keep replacing your wet board bearings pretty frequently at £6 a shot. Also bear in mind that when it comes to skateboard bearings the Abec rating is meaningless.

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After a drunken evening, me and a mate were going to start a bearing company called Abec 3000. We would have been rich if we didn’t lose interest the next day.


Abec. Abec. Abec. 3000.


In my experience over priced bearing are just that over priced, built a lot of bikes using Airebearing so know they shouldn’t be crap. I have 4 setups with kids boards that also will need bearing so this can get expensive quickly…

Riding in the wet is the reason for changing the bearings and looking at getting some harder wheels for when the roads dry up,

I certainly wasn’t suggesting that you buy Bones ceramics, just highlighting the price difference really. Pretty much all pros admit to riding Bones Swiss when asked, (and some of those might actually pay for them :wink:). Before having a set I always thought that they must be overpriced but I can say for sure that they are worth every penny. Although if what you’re looking at doing is kitting out your kids’ boards too then forking our for those isn’t necessary. If you want to give those others a pop then give them a go. I would say though that you don’t have to go nuts and that imo Bones Reds would be worth the bit extra that they would cost you, but only later on in the year when the weather gets a bit drier.


Cheers Yeh most of this is for the dry spring days. We must be getting some dry days soon…


Let’s hope so. What with not being able to skate because of the wet and instead riding the local trails/ swamp in the wet I can’t wait for some drier weather.


I was looking at cheaper ceramic bearings to see if they were any good and this company kept coming out top on reviews. Most ceramics are used by longboarders but these were getting good feedback from street skaters .

I’ve had them in my board for a year so far . I had a couple of bearings break but the UK distributor was great and sent me a whole new set out. So I pretty much got £70 of bearings for £35.

I’ve had none break since and I’ve been skating constantly through the spring/summer and as much as the weather permits currently.

Worth a shot if you don’t want to spend mega bucks, especially if they’ll replace faulty bearings .

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Maybe longboard bearings aren’t ideal for street skating, they’re made for tearing down a hill in a straight line whereas the Bones (I believe) are made for more strength in the different directions that street skating generates

fucking hell, this is rapidly going down the middle aged shred route, someone shoot me

just get bones swiss and be done with it

it’s hard not to keep looking for a perfect bearing when one already exists aye


That’s one for the unpopular opinions thread.

If indy didn’t have the thrasher 666 crowd they wouldn’t be so highly regarded. There, I said it


Gullwing 4 life

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Haha! This thread is a slippery slope that often dips in that direction.

Heavy claim! We talking cool street skaters or ex vert balding creep pros here or what

Definitely street skaters too. At least in the 90’s days. When I lived in SF you could swap a deck for a set of swiss in FTC and everyone would do that, I think it’s pretty much the same these days too in the states from what I can tell.
I don’t think you’d notice the diff between normal and ceramics on street, more of a vert thing.
Swiss for daddy. Reds for everyone else


Every pro I speak to rides Bones Swiss and tells me that everybody they know does too. It’s a total no-brainer. If you skate for a living you’re riding Swiss, whether you’re got a Bronson or a Modus or whatever sticker on your board or not. Vern Laird makes sure everybody out there is running the best bearings.


Damn you all for really nearly convincing me to buy bourgeoise bearings I really want them now


This quote about it actually even went in.

Is it right that everybody rides Bones bearings, regardless of what bearing company sponsors them?

Corey Duffel: Come on, of course! We all know those other bearings suck. All you have to do is follow Vern Laird on Instagram, and you’ll see him constantly post emails from guys who ride for these new bearing companies asking for some Bones. He’ll screenshot and post those emails. Even the guys who ride for these other companies know that Bones are the best. Bones are what everybody skates, yes.


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