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It’s not but it’s a personal choice to how you want your bearings to run.
If you want the bearing to work as intended, the shaft part of the bearing needs to be still and clamped so the only moving part and point of friction is the bearings inside.
If you have them loose then the bearings don’t spin as intended because the shaft is also spinning on the axle causing more friction and unpredictability.

I’ll buy that. The ones that are meant to tighten right down are the ones like Seismic Tektons, which have integral spacers with flanges that are designed to meet:

I used to have these in Type-S wheels, but since I switched to Formula 4 the spacer gap seems to be different and they don’t meet. I use regular Bones bearings now


I use spacers, the slim ones for axle bolts and the ones that come with bearlings that go between them. I used to like my wheels rattling around. Then I liked them muted and quiet. Now I like them rattling around again. Doubt it makes a difference, I certainly haven’t noticed one over 35 years of skating.


Exactly, none of it matters, the correct way is how I said but I doubt there is any difference in performance the way we use them. You might get an extra few mph under lab test conditions but the illusion of being faster when looser and noisier is enough to make people want to do it that way.

i hope you got formula 4’s to go with them or i don’t get my commission

i always use the washers but just chucked the spacers however deeyo said this in the group chat when someone asked the other week so maybe i’ll keep them next time - ‘It makes the bearings run true! If you have spacers and speed washers there is metal all the way through from nut to truck not just the bearing resting on the axle. Without them the bearings can tilt against the urethane and fuck up quicker!’

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What kind of weirdo doesn’t run F4s?


can confirm the super sixes are fucking insane. swept off a fair few tricks. my old reds were pretty beat up so there’ll be an even bigger difference. the main thing i bought them for was this longevity that y’all were talking about so i’ll report back in a year

(i’m also slightly terrified as to what they’re gonna be like on transition)

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Had a roll on one of these this afternoon. Any idea if Supreme will make anything else in this shape? It’s really nice.

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Very stoked on this weapon of a cruiser I’ve just built up. Feels like you’re on a magic carpet!


That old Lance Conklin graphic is dope, especially on the black woodstain.

going off the sticker on the top ply (made in mexico) it’s ps stix pressing them so i’m sure they’d have similar shapes in their lineup, maybe under Welcome.

that being said this Polar shape which afaik are pressed by BBS also looks very similar

I’m riding that Polar shape at the moment. It’s really nice, but the nose and tail are a bit pointier and it has a slightly longer wheelbase than the Supreme

ah fairs, whats the wb on the supreme? i know the rest of the dimensions are 8.75x32 so if you get the wb you can compare it against decks from brands pressed by stix and hope it’s in their lineup

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Just got this 9 inch brute and some wide ventures to match.

I dont think I’m ready to skate yet, but I recon I’ll be ok by April. Hopefully


I’ve recently ordered a 9” deck for vert. I’ve been going wider for a few years now and 9/15wb with 169s just feels reassuringly stable,

yeah i’m up to 8 months now and no noticeable difference in quality between both wheels & bearings, would normally have been through 3 sets of wheels in that time !

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Finally got round to knocking up shock pads from some rubber matting at work.
These will defo be shock pads as it’s grooved 3mm rubber. 2mm base /1mm groove.

It was pretty simple if you have a belt punch for the holes.

Will be skating them later, but already the clunk is much softer than on the old hard rubber risers .

Not sure how much difference there will be but a nice softer feel will be good enough.


nice! then you need to stamp them with your insignia and start selling them on etsy. “hand crafted traditional skateboard risers £100”

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