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You get more even wear of the trucks and also the deck so in theory it should last longer. I guess with the more even wear of the trucks then it wouldn’t feel as much different for grinds than if you were to throw a standard deck down backwards. I have both trucks pretty loose so it doesn’t really feel any different either way. This nine club stop and chat which goes into Ishod’s setup is interesting.

Front and back trucks wear differently if you only skate the board in one direction. It doesn’t really happen on a symmetrical board.

Didn’t realise that the Worrest was a twin tail. Hoping the local SOS will get some/either in over the next month or so.

I wouldn’t mind giving one a go but I’d have to put some new bushings in too.

My front trucks are more way more worn than my back, because I’ve just been chucking my nose at curbs trying to slappy noseslide but doing crooked grinds instead lol.

Might as well tell you what I’m riding at the mo:

Real 8.38" deck
Indy Stage XI 149’s
Spitfire Formula Four Full Conical 53mm 99DU
Bones Red’s bearings

Might get a similar width next time but with a shorter wheelbase, I’m tempted by the twin tail decks


anyone have even the slightest inclination as to who might be pressing these? pretty sure it’s Slugger selling em, not really much to go off other than “7 ply canadian maple” and a list of dimensions. no sticker on top ply, small indent on the bottom between the front truck holes.

Seller info defo confirms slugger dist ltd, as for whose pressing them, worth a shout to just ask I’d say

Phwoar well up for listing setups.

I’m riding…

Anti Hero Raney Beres 8.12" Then and Now
Indy hollows
Powell Big Balls
Orbs Specters 53mm


Welcome Chris Miller 8.75" Faces
Indy Titaniums
Powell Super Swiss 6
Orbs Specters 54mm

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I bought a couple to reshape as 90s wallhangers, definitely wouldn’t ride one. The concave is iffy making the area where the holes are not flat. I wrote something about them a while ago in here somewhere.

really? already set one up and haven’t seen any issues with concave albeit i havent skated it yet so i’ll find out tomorrow

8.25 x 32 x 14.25 wb, venture 5.6, bones spf 54s probably at 50 by now.

for all intents and purposes it seems decent (or atleast as decent as a blank can be), had a bad run of luck with boards lately; cracked a TOA after 5 sessions on a fs board, then had a Native deck which had a gap between baseplate/deck where the kicks start, and required the bolts to literally be hammered in.

Maybe they have sorted the issue out or maybe it’s only certain decks off the press pile that feel more rounded? Dunno but I found the issue quite alarming, but I am very picky haha

This is my skateboard. There are many like it, but this one is mine. Without me, my skateboard is useless. Without my skateboard I am useless.

8.5” Hockey (love this snubby nose shape)
149 Supreme Indy + Bones Bushings
54mm Spitfire F4’s
Misc bearings and hardware.


I bloody love hockey and fa, but can’t get on with the noses. Feels like I’m riding a big toe.


I can now ride nothing but. Everything else feels like a Zip Zinger!

gave the one i got a shot today, def with you on the iffy concave - i cant exactly pinpoint what felt different, but something definitely felt off. did notice it seemed to flip around a lot quicker than my last few boards, and didn’t really seem to hinder me so i’ll give it a few more sessions and see how i feel about it.

Im very seriously considering a Christmas complete as I quite like the idea of a 90’s football shape with rails for slappies, around 8.5 ish, where should I be looking? Heroin? Welcome? Anyone else?

Rookie numbers.

Gotta get at least a 9.

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I want to skate it not do the ironing with it


Polar maybe, saw a cool Sanbongi? board, 8.75

I’ve been skating Lovenskate’s egg/football shape since October and am loving it. It’s an 8.75 but it’s not as big as you’d think as it tapers near the trucks. Skating it with 149s and 52 F4s, it’s really good for skating curbs, ledges, manual pads, small transitions and miniramps which is what I skate mainly these days.

I’ll post a few pictures later if you want.

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