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There you go.

It felt like skating a fucking table at first but I quickly got used to it and it’s my favourite setup now.


Looks rad mate! Will see if i can find one that isn’t neon pink

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Polar P9 is a really good shape, as is the Chocolate Skidul. Both have good shape without getting too wide and fish like. Same goes for the Welcome Miller I posted up there :point_up_2:t2:

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On a Hockey 8” here with a Northern Co. 8.125” on standby. I prefer the more tapered nose on the Northern Co. so after one or two more sessions on the Hockey I might retire it and set the Northern Co. up.

Tended to skate 14.25” wb for years so wondering if going back to that after the 14” wb will be noticeable or if I’m too crap nowadays to be bothered.

I feel like wheelbase length really affects your balance when you’re doing manuals and the way you pop your flips tricks, especially those that spin like 360 flips for example.


Yeah, kind of where my mind is, thinking wide shovel nose isn’t helping my cause either. Will confirm once I’ve made the change back. Went out 20 mins earlier today and, with yesterday’s vaccine ache lingering, wasn’t really feeling it. Daughter and I enjoyed what skating we did though.

Excuses eh? Haha

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was just watching some crap on youtube and apparently the top models of Ace trucks now come with a special “red” axle nut. this nut is made of a harder material than the axle itself so that you can use it to rethread the axle if required

this smacks of “tensor slider” innovation to me. sounds great but blatantly wouldn’t work as well as a normal rethreading tool


Yeah, it’s seems they’ve gone heavy on promotion recently.

I feel like this was on the actual TV news at the time. Or maybe the side of busses.

fuck, am I out of the loop? how do i get back in the loop? is there a newsletter?

Depends how much you pay attention to truck marketing, but don’t worry. Ace have been going in with that lately.

yeah i’m not great at that tbh :smiley:

They deffo needed to up their game when it comes to bushings and washers. I’ve had issues there, so interested in trying the new ones.

I used one 2 weeks ago to rethread my Indy axle I’ve been avoiding to sort for too long .
It worked a treat and I’d actually say it works well in a good skate tool and just as well as one with a threader.


hey everyone

im thinking of getting a new board soon
checking out some stuff and came across brands that im not familiar with

modus bearings ceramic or titanium. any good?
and the dkl non abrasive griptape worth 50 quid?

The griptape is worth it only if it comes with a free deck.

This will probably get moved to the Equipment Thread.

Yes, topic moved.

Would love to try the rubber grip

What the heck is none abrasive grip tape?

i checked the site

i was looking at the 5 pack for $50
1 sheet was $10

the non adhesive griptape is rubber based like ping pong pats supposed to make shoes last longer

Saw some on ebay too for £15 - might be less than the postage from USA.

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